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Thank you, everyone, for the excellent advice.     I've given it a lot of thought and I feel I should bite the bullet and get a 3 qt Viking saucepan.  Since I have the other pieces and I know it is very well-made and heats evenly,  I probably will should stick with it.   I looked at some other pans and the prices were not that different when Viking is on sale.   Thanks again!
That is very nice of you, Panini.   Are you a baker?   I take my baking very seriously and I'm kind-of-a-perfectionist when it comes to ingredients and baking; however, the decorating part alludes me.  I've only been baking for a year but everyone thinks I have a talent in this area. In reality, I seek out the best recipes .   Is this the knife?  I have been watching this knife. It has gone down in price from $44 to $37 today.  It could go up tomorrow, Amazon...
It seems to be tearing the cake and making the crumb look crushed.Thank you
I don't know, I think my shoes would look cute on you I am cutting on a cake stand and I think that is the problem. I baked yesterday and put the cake on a cardboard before putting it on the cake stand and was able to cut perfect slices. I would like to get the Forschner knife. It looks very cool and Cooks Illustrated also rates it very high.Thanks for you help. I appreciate it, very much
I'm sorry if I didn't explain it correctly but I am not trying to split a cake round. I want to cut slices of a cake so they look neat.  I seem to be butchering the cakes I works so hard to make.    
I think so too. Yesterday  botched slicing a simple zucchini bread. 
WOW! Thank you for that in-depth and knowledgeable reply. I will look into the Vollrath. I didn't know they made saucepans. I have one of their sheet pans. It came warped but seemed to straighten with use.   I noticed the prices of All-Clad are really tumbling.  I have a set of fully clad Farberware I purchased when I got married in 1970. It still looks new!  It is put away for my son because it is the cookware I used when he was growing up. It cooks well, the only...
Thank you! I have the Mac Pro bread slicer. it is almost new and has a 10 inch blade. Would the one you suggest work better? Chef Marcel recommends a 12" blade.     Also, does the surface you are cutting on make a difference?    I seem to cut very uneven slices of cake. I cut the cake while it sits in a domed glass cake holder. The lips of the plate arch upward. Is this the problem?    
I've never tried her book but I did try one of her recipes which is in Dori Greenspan's Baking: From My House To Yours. Personally, I didn't like how that recipe came out. I am a big fan of Rose Levy Beranbaum and am probably spoiled by the magnificent results I achieve from her recipes so don't go by my opinion of Sara.    
Can some recommend a restaurant supply house and a particular brand? I was about to purchase my 1st piece of All-Clad. I have a set of Viking but I need a 3 qt saucepan.   With all the marketing praising All-Clad, I thought I should try it.    Thank you for the recommendations on this thread.
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