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In my experience with Joy, the thing I disliked is many times I was referred to other recipes to complete the recipe I was making.  When I read a recipe, I don't want to flip through pages to read another recipe, with my wet hands.  Also, the baking section does not include weights.
Me too.     Good idea. I should put my name on the list for the library now.   But $500 is a lot.
Guess not 
I don't own the book yet but I made the chicken in a pot. It was easy to make. The side notes suggest you can use pizza dough but I made the dough to seal the pot. It only took a few minutes extra to make. I made a grand presentation when I put the sealed pot on the table and broke the seal. The chicken and the vegetables were tender and steaming hot. The sauce was very tasty. My husband said it reminded him of meals his grandmother made. The dinner was good though...
Oh wow, I can't wait to try. It's a gorgeous book. I thought the recipes were going to be more than I can handle but you make it sound easier than I thought.  Thanks.
It sounds great.  How did it taste?
I've been looking at that book. Have you tried any of the recipes?
Does anyone plan on buying Modernist Cuisine?
Not listen to what I order.   That has happened to me so many times.  I once asked for a substitution. I wanted grilled chicken instead of the chicken salad which came with my meal.  The waiter brought the chicken salad instead.  When I told him I ordered the grilled chicken, he took my plate away and did not return it until everyone in my dinner party had finished their meal.  The grilled chicken was seasoned with such heavy spice, my eyes teared.  I held back...
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