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It's been trending for weeks, just sayin...   This forum is reserved for current and past professional chefs only. Only professionals in the food industry may post here though all are free to read.     Just sayin...
  Debt it debt, you're stll gonna have a low wage job, regardless of how many books or knives you buy.
Is this no longer th professional chef forum?   Now we have people posting in this forum who "don't know much about cooking"   The moderating on this forum is horrible.
You do doubt yourself, or else you wouldn't have made this post.     Just do what you do best, don't worry about everyone else. If they don't do things correct, tell them to do it a certain why, and why you want it like that.   Somebody saw something in you, or else you wouldn't have gotten the promotion(s).
Probably not the best idea to tell the Sous or exec chef to Pipe the fvck down, just my opinion.
People can be role models to others without working for/with them, in their work ethic, attitudes, philosophy's, etc..
Yea i'm going against the grain here, nobody is gonna stand there and swear at me, talk to me like a man and you'll get the respect you deserve, or don't deserve, depending on how you treat and speak to people.   And if someone throws a pan at me, that's going to cause a physical response.
Go work for Jamie Bissonnette and you'll feel the same way, 10x.
Don't know about officers, but no tattoo's on head/neck/face in the Navy.
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