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Tiny Dancer- Elton John
That's why they let Truffle Hounds hunt them now, that, and the pigs eat them.   Truffles are fine, it's that garbage truffle oil I think most people take issues with.
If they're sticking, you're flipping them before they're ready to release.   I oil pans, not proteins.   On grill I would put a little oil on Filets, but never burgers, or fish.  A little spray release on the grill and fish is usually good to go.
A big ass, greasy burger, to satisfy someone.   Food would probably be the last thing on my mind, for whatever reason that was the last dish I was ever cooking.
I've never seen this done, I wouldn't recommend it, either.   They're definitely ftrying to flip them too soon if they are sticking.
Don't bother trying to justify it, as long as it works for you in your kitchen, that's all that matters really.   Like I said last year in this thread, i'll never use a cake tester, but I also won't knock anyone who uses one with success.
Nowhere did you say it was cooked to temp, you said you were picking it up from the oven, so don't toss around things like reading comprehension until you're clear in your original post.
Yep, par cook it, cool it down on a sheet pan, ready to go for service.
Yea, i've tried all ways, cream, butter, and I found so far this method works best, for me atleast.   And yes, the texture/consistancy is going to change, if you get the cook right, you could hold "leftover" risotto in a pan and rehydrate it for an hour or so after it's cooked, add some stock to it and a touch more fat and it will come right back, so long as you didn't cook the heck out of it on the original pickup.   Clearly that isn't ideal, but if you're slamming busy...
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