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What? I didn't say it's held hot, it's held cold in the station in a 9 pan, then hot stock added to it in a sauce/saute pan, whatever i'm cooking it in.
I assume we all use parred Risotto, held for service.   I bring it back up on the heat with stock, chx/veg/fish, let it simmer out the liquid, finish it with whatever i'm using (lobster, truffles, peppers, mushrooms, etc) and I also finish mine with creme' fraiche and powdered parm cheese and a hefty pinch of herbs and some salt and white pepper, if needed.
Order/fire is the second system you described, you get the entire ticket at once, so you can see what the entire order is app/salad/entree..   Right now, we get separate tickets for each course, but we only see that course, so we have no idea what the entree is going to be until it's fired... by then, we could have had some of the proteins working already, depending on what the first two courses are. The method we use slows us down bigtime, and if anything goes wrong at...
We are starting to adapt more to the second method, searing off a fish/shrimp/scallop and leaving it on a sizzle until the grill is close to picking up steaks, or resting steaks, then finishing the saute proteins in the oven, not ideal IMO, but it's all we can work with until we have an actual order/fire system in place.   Order/fire will obviously speed everything up, because atleast the proteins can be out, seasoned (seared if needed) before the table is necessarily...
Does anyone NOT run an order/fire ticket system, or am I in the minority? we are changing our system in the next month, just hired a new chef (3rd in 24 months) and this Chef finally stood up and has decided to change onto an order fire system.   The last 3 years i've been at my current club, we've run off a fire system, we see salads/apps/entrees all solo... so we are blind as to what the dinner table is getting, which always leaves us in a huge bind.. instead of...
Stealing from employers, and now justifying defaulting on loans, you're beyond a class act.
Beets Truffle Oil
Pretty bold statement to say "I know i've done it, and i'm sure some of you have, too" VERY bold, and untrue.   I'll let guys take home leftovers from staff meal if they ask.. pizza, leftover deli meat from a platter, etc... but stealing?, adios on the spot.
Perfectly said.
Have you been pounding the ground in Boston? there's tons of Sous jobs out there right now, as well as some Junior Sous Chef jobs in the area, as well.
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