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I bet the member is opening a restaurant and shows it to the chef and said to him or her, make the desserts like this!
you have a great way of thinking! It sounds like great and fresh new idea's MichaelGA!!
they are a joy when you have to chop and slice all day long and the chef is really picky,then he comes to you to do all the fine cuts
it is true what bdl say's about the wa and the western suisun knives, but take a working chefs word for it, the wa suisun is about the best you can get for a prep knife!
anything suisin is awesome you would have to touch it up every now and then on a ceramic rod but so what, and everything you said you need to cut would be a breeze. there  knives are super light yet sturdy, i  prefer there wa handles myself, and are very easy to sharpen
i would say chef ed is right on this one, run!  
you treat it like you would any pulled pork recipe.
saute some onions and maybe some mushrooms and serve it over egg noddles,and top it off with a little polenes
BDL is right, to each there own, but that first recipe BDL posted sounds awesome!  nothing better then rousted jalapenos!
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