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Share your experiences catering to celebraties, The Pro's and Con's.
Thanks for your reply.  A really good friend of mine recently spent some time in Durango, CO.  He has shared how beautiful it was and that he had enjoyed some wonderful experiences. Especially the what the great outdoors had to offer.   Curious on the cuisine in the local area?  Could you share from a chefs point of view? 
Point taken!
confidence, plan of action, focus, a good team, and a sigh of relief not being hand cuffed to the  couch. I GET THAT!
Reading "Secret of the Ages"-Robert Collier.  Fasinating read into the ones concious / subconcious mind. Cannot put it down!!  
This is hard for me to admit because that would be admitting to having a weakness. So, here it is: TIMING was my number one nerve killer.. In catering, banquets if you cannot produce your food on time eyebrows start rising. The pressure cooker builds from there. If something were to go array " Pray" that you have a suave captain able to finesse such a situation. As we know in this industry { really} nobody has your back but your own.   Curious if anyone shares my...
Hello fellow culinarians, I started a post yesterday before realizing this "Welcome Forum".  Part of my character. Jump on anticipation. I would like to introduce myself.  A recent acquaintance of mine referred me to Chef Talk.  I feel  years of experience along with travel will allow me to share  hopeful future conversations  amongst other inspired partakers.  I am very passionate about this art and it would please me to befriend others with the same. Profile: Eat...
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