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Thanks for the feedback.   I will experiment with these ideas.
Thanks, I will talk to the baker about the salt thing. I don't think my boss would let me use cake yeast
We use active dry yeast.   I'm not sure when he adds the salt, our baker makes the dough for me.
I actually tried cooking one from raw the other day to test it out. I cooked it at 500 deg in our convection oven and it turned out just fine.   The problem is that our "revent" oven where we fire an entire rack of 20 pizzas off the bat to get started, has a very weak convection current and does not get as hot as our other convection ovens.   Not to say that it won't work in the revent oven, I just haven't tried it yet.   Could the fact that I roll the dough out very...
Thanks for the response Laurenlulu! We do not refrigerate the dough at all. I will try changing the temp on the pre-bake, but it might be difficult cause there isn't a lot of time to get them prepped.   I've read that a lot of pizza joints prepare their dough the day before using it, as it allows the yeast to develop a deeper flavor. I wonder if we could try that as well.
I need help with our pizza dough at the private high school that I work at. I will explain what our current process is and then I will list the things I am trying to improve/accomplish.   We feed around 350-450 people pizza's once a week at lunch. We currently use this recipe, which yields 75 lbs. of dough:   9 oz. of Yeast 23 lbs, 10 oz. of Water 8.5 oz. of Sugar 2 lbs, 15.25 oz. Olive Oil 12.5 oz. Salt 3.5 Cups Honey 47 lbs. AP Flour   We make the dough at...
Hello Chefs,   I work at a private boarding highschool and I need to come up with some ideas for action stations. They would be for approx. 60 to 70 students/staff. They would be done during dinner service and would have to be manned by a single chef.   Some ideas I've had so far are: Bananas Foster Station Decorate your own cupcakes Pasta/Stir fry station (this one would be a bit intensive and pushing the limits of being doable)   I was hoping I could...
Thanks for the advice GreenGuy!   I absolutely would like to have more of a desk/management/travel type job in the future, although I'm aware I have a lot of work to do to get there.   As for the degree, well that might have to wait, as I really don't have much room in my budget for it. I will look at some of the online courses though to get an idea of what I'm looking at.   Thank for your feedback!
Thanks for the tip Panini!   I will definately give that a shot!   I found a book that I think will be a big help also, it's called "Culinary Calculations: Simplified Math for Culinary Professionals" by Terri Jones. Just looking through the table of contents it looks like it has a good bit of what I'm trying to learn.
Thanks for your advice. Most of your list seems to be what I'm looking for. Although a few of them I don't really think would apply to me. Such as Business Law and Marketing and Advertising. The book keeping stuff is what I'm really after, although I agree 100% that plumbing, HVAC and electrician knowledge would be very valuable.
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