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I'm not into reading heavy stuff in my spare time.  I love reading books that have been made into movies (before I go and see the movie as I like to get my own version of the imagery and characters in my head) so I have just finished "the Kings Speech".  Haven't got around to seeing the movie yet but I am glad that I read the book first.  Looking for another good book to get stuck into, I am glad that you reminded me of "The Name of the Rose" - it is on my bookshelf too...
sounds good, will definitely check it out. 
Hi Pastry Hall   Hello there - I was wondering how you stumbled onto my blog!   I will definitely have a look at your blog - have fun with it (I most certainly am having fun with mine).  Hope to hear from you soon.    
Hi mjb   have checked out and signed up.  From the quick look that I have taken I will definitely be trying out your recipes - anything with pork in it is a winner in our house.
Hi guys   I have also recently started a blog, based on my OBSESSION with all things edible!!  URL is  I would be very happy for you to pass on to anyone that you thing would be interested in reading my crazy posts!  I am not a genuine chef - just a food loving everyday person who hates to see food wasted.  Hope you sign up soon and I will check out your sites if you pass them on! 
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