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Thanks for the responses, guys.  After buying and reading Thomas Keller's four  books, I've  realized that  even  a work of innovation can still be innovated and that to innovate one hast to start somewhere.  An innovative chef saying that everything he does comes from his head is bullshitting.  There must be an  influence  from someone or somewhere.     Mother:   Why haven't you bought any Julia Child? Me:        I think she was overrated. Mother:  Tell me who...
Even if the water is not boiling as long as heat is warming it, there is a vapor happening.  Example: a bottle of water near a window.  yes, it adds moist.
Maybe this can help.   Tell the chef in your current job that you can help if he needs another person in the future when someone does not show up and you are available.  Never make one chef mad.  Maybe  he knows some chefs you will encounter in the future.  Established chefs frown at disloyalty, ungratefulness, and exploitation of their knowledge.    
Since my first check in May of  this year  from  my job in a five star hotel in SoCal, I have been using a huge part of my salary for buying books.  I buy just about  anything as long as they are about sauces, molecular gastronomy and mixology, southeast asian cuisine, French  techniques, Japanese cooking, tapas, Asian sweets, European pastry, and artisan  breads.  So far I have  two hundred of them.   I got promoted after three months of working because I was more...
temperature of caramel. use candy thermometer.
Tried that. It did not work. Vegies (specially frozen corn, carrots, and peas) still came out steamed, mushy, and discolored. Your suggestion only works if you put a lot of cooking oil to compensate the water that will come out from the vegies after heat is applied. But the problem is I don't like too much oil, so I resort to using the oven.
Dry the defrosted vegies thoroughly with strainer and towel, coat with oil, place in the parchment-lined tray and put in the oven until dry but not burnt. 5 minutes at 350. The culprit is moisture from the ice.
"Last night, customer complains that the pasta was cold but the sauce was hot."   I would complain too if the pasta was cold and precooked and served with hot sauce on top. I don't know if the Italian chef instructor was BSing us when she said that pasta should be from boiling water directly to the pan of sauce to finish cooking without flame and that the pasta should not be washed or totally drained and should still carry some hot water where it is boiled that...
From dictionary.com gar·nish    /ˈgɑrnɪʃ/ Show Spelled[gahr-nish] Show IPA –verb (used with object) 1. to provide or supply with something ornamental; adorn; decorate. 2. to provide (a food) with something that adds flavor, decorative color, etc.: to garnish boiled potatoes with chopped parsley. From etymonline.com garnish (v.) Look up garnish at Dictionary.com late 14c., from O.Fr. garniss-, prp. stem of garnir "provide, furnish; fortify, reinforce," I'm not...
example, these crunchy noodles complete this salad dish... http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/4719/images/4719_MEDIUM.jpg
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