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for pizza dough, i greatly enjoy bread bakers apprentice recipe with ice water and cold overnight fermentation. For this recipe, the dough can go into the freezer right away. I would thaw in the fridge for a day, or rush the first couple hours at room temp, and then to the fridge. The dough then proofs at room temp for 30 min, is shaped, risen and baked. I would give a bread loaf one rise, and then freeze. Wondering what others would do...
Great responses! I am concerned that at such a large scale, the personal touch would be sacrificed. I want to be known for having attention to detail. The more I think about it, smaller events are preferable for now. I am about to send out requests for catering stages. This would be a good step to learning what the requirements are for events like these.
If they cant afford two weeks salary, what is the chance they will have enough money to stay open for a year?
Ask yourself if you believe in the restaurant's concept. If so, is it good enough to overshadow the abuse? When the chef dismisses your ideas, are they honestly viable menu items? Please listen to your body. You likely got sick from this overwhelming schedule. There has to be time to eat (vegetables) and drink water. By being fueled, you will be more productive. Its a win-win situation. Anger is like a gift. She can offer it to you, but you Don't have...
Recently, I have been asked to cater two buffet parties (December and January), each with an attendance of 150 people. This would be a huge leap in volume for me, as 75 people exceeds my capacity. I lack equipment, storage and staff, so it seems like the realistic outcome is to turn down the requests. In the future I would like to work up to this volume. It excites me to think about catering at this scale. I wonder, generally, at what point do you hire staff to...
Have used a plastic lid in the past, too
Good luck with the event! I hope everything flows smoothly and satisfies the host. You are confident and capable with smaller events and will surely deliver with this one, too. I am curious why you chose to take on an event of this size? Would you have declined the offer in the past? At what volume would you hire help? Have you had to invest in more equipment?
some of my expenses: Business License: $200 business logo design: $150 Business cards: $220 Equipment,used: $300 kitchen aid: $350 computer: $300 car insurance: $1000/year Rental space: 6.5% of job invoice there are lots of little things that add up, but it still isnt out of my reach. I see this as an investment, and plan to recover all costs within 3 months. I have been incredibly fortunate to buy a retired caterer's equipment. He sold me a wide variety...
Will you have a business name? Do you have all the equipment you need? Do you have a menu? Have you costed out the menu? how will you tell people about your service? Have you assessed your competition? What can you do better than them?
Consider the vision. To you, what defines a successful business? How will your venture align with these answers.
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