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Probably what needed to happen. Get your $#!+ together and you'll be fine. Don't, and your canned. Pretty simple. Do what needs to be done.
Really depends what your looking for. I just moved back to Connecticut from New York. Worked in Manhattan in a couple of great kitchens under some amazing chefs for the 6 years I was there. I made the decision shortly after I graduated from jwu, that I wasn't going to chase the money right away, and that I was going to put in the time and hard work just to get a chance to get into some of the kitchens I got into. I wouldn't take back the path I took to get where I am now...
Welcome Cassie. ChefTalk is a great community. Glad you are now a part of it. Again, welcome aboard!
Wha..wha..whattt? Wait, that's not where the fish/shellfish gets stored? Ughh... And all this time I thought it was adding a little something extra to the mixed greens I store underneath it, which I store not covered, or labeled.
Where is this dude. For somebody that needs opinions, advice, and input, he seems to disappear for quite a number of days at a time. I have no idea, and may be completely wrong, but a small part of me kind of thinks the OP is trolling, trying to get a rise out of people. Idk
Lol! Ohh so often, ha.
Ahhhh, oh so true guys and gals. I'm currently newly single again, with no huge rush to get into a fast relationship. So, when I don't have my daughter, like most said, it's frozen burritos, frozen pizza, chicken tenders, etc, and a cold beer or two. I do try to get at least half decent quality frozen food. Try not to scratch the bottom of barrel too often. Like others have said, I always have the go to add ons and modifiers for the pizza and burritos, lol. We make...
Cigarettes. Cigarettes and coffee.
Wow man. You make me say wow more I ever have on this messageboard. I really don't know what your motives are man. Seriously. Sometimes I think they are pure, and right now I am thinking almost anything but. Somebody else said they almost feel like they are being punked. And that's kind of how I feel this moment. You have me saying things in your other threads like "good luck man, I really and truly feel for you and wish you the best of luck". And right now u really don't...
@Cook1st man. Cmon bro! CMON! You seem like such nice guy. I mean this really and truly man. But if we were friends, or worked together id grab you by the shoulders, shake you violently, and ask you WTF! And I mean this in the kindest way possible man. And I assure you it wouldn't be because your trying your @ss off, because believe me chef, I know you are. You just need to stop being so wishy-washy, get on with it, and make the decisions you know that you need to make....
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