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In the kitchen Marcus samuelsson by Mozo shoes(if you havnt heard of them check them out they are awesome), black pants, black coat black skully. If I'm going to be in the dining room, black birkenstocks, black pants, starched gleaming white coat with navy piping and embroidery.
We use live steam three times a week. (We don't have quarry tiles or any grout, but like foodpump said, it kills grouted tiles if done too often) But EVERY night it gets swept very well. Scrubbed with super hot soapy water and a deck brush, squeegee'd, wet mopped, dry mopped. A clean kitchen is so super important. I've been in so many gross kitchens, and have even turned down jobs because of kitchen conditions.
More I think about it the more I'd say Wolverine is the unanimous winner. Imagine him on the Good ole Mother's Day carving station.
Cool thread. Something different I like it. I'd have to say I agree with Wolverine. I think he's be on everyone's prep team. Also wouldn't mind having Optimus Prime trucking in my deliveries, they wouldn't be late.
Why did you dig up this 5 year old thread?
Havnt done it in a while, but when I used to hire new waitstaff, at the end of the night I'd have them drain the water out of the coffee machine. It took some close to a half an hour to realize that the machine was piped right in to the plumbing. I've also sent people looking in the supply drawer for the blueberry peeler. :00000
True, but learning the functionalities of how a corporate kitchen works before you venture out into a more upscale joint isn't a bad idea. Learning how to turn and burn 800-1000 covers in a day no matter what your making is a skill that's always nice to have. Now combine knowledge/technique you've learned in school, your ability to toss pans on a 800 cover night, and the by the book ways of a corporation to a better place in a year or so, I wouldn't mind that resume for a...
Never bash somebody's job or position. We all start out somewhere, and not all in the same places. He doesn't plan on being a red lobster lifer, and though he may not be learning a bunch about fine dining, there are good things you can learn in a corporate position.
Check the thread right underneath this one titled "does anyone have any tips for calming down during service". I to think you'll find out how most feel.
New Posts  All Forums: