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Well the kiddos spent the holiday weekend at their grandparents in Northern Maine so it was just the old lady, myself, and a couple friends hanging out at my place on the deck with some simple food off the grill and some beer for the guys and a dry chard for the ladies. Round one was a brined teriyaki glazed pork loin, a couple dogs (Martin rosol, THE BEST, made local in new britain CT) some skirt steak and steak tips, corn on the cob, asparagus, some local stuffed...
I'm really not a fan either anymore, but when I was little he definitely sparked my interest.
I kmow a lot of people do not like him since his huge commercialization, and I wouldn't so much call him a role model, but watch Emeril with my mother when I was younger was really something that got my interest in cooking flowing.
I despise anyone who takes my towels!
Wow I just heard of this. Terribly sad news. Rest easy, chef.
Wow. Just heard of this sad news. Didn't know Pete personally or even through PM, but we have had some lovely discussions through some threads on here and his old school knowledge of cooking and food in general was truly tremendous. He will be greatly missed on the cheftalk community as well as by his personal close friends and family. I hate hearing news like this. Rest easy, Chef. Sincerest condolences, Torrie.
Did somebody pass away or something happen to somebody that I'm not aware of?I'm confused.
Since this thread was just brought to the forefront, I decided to scroll through it. The hamburger as we know it today, was first created in my home state of Connecticut, at a place called Louies lunch in New Haven. A place I have been to countless times and still frequent when I am in the New Haven area. They are made the same way they have been since they were created over a hundred years ago. In an upright gas broiler grilled with the onions. Served on toasted sliced...
What's up with the 5 year old thread lol.
Salads were bad. Trying to plate up desserts for 12 top was worse.
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