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Good Evening, Everyone, Thanks for all the input and comments about All Clad skillets and pans vs restaurant supply stock. This is a great resource for anyone who is interested in cooking and doing it well!  I am out of town quite a bit and am an infrequent visitor to forums and blogs, but will "tune in" whenever I am able. Keep up the good work!
OK, thanks, chefedb!
Hello, chefedb, Thank you for your reply. Did you mean that All Clad is the worst of them in relation to the handles, or just in general? Also,  I could not see a "KY" comment--where was it? Thanks for your advice.
Good Evening, Fellow Cooks!   I have a question about the All Clad skillet that I recently purchased.  I like the way it cooks things--nicely browned etc., but the thing that "bugs" me is the shape and angle of the handle! I have a terrible time maneuvering the pan. The angle is too great and the top of the handle seems upside down. Perhaps professional chefs like that type of handle, but I find it very awkward. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to "customize"...
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