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Posts by Dobzre   Irks me to no end. How dare I not understand the dynamics of the modern food world? Times are a changin! Get with it geezer! 
Just don't do anything stupid with it like ice cream base... lazy and wasteful! Substituting good old fashioned cooking techniques with technology REALLY irks me.   Some of the best pieces of meat i've ever eaten were sous vide. Poached eggs? I dare you to find a better method.
Croquembouches, aspic molds, and pate en croutes next? In their defense they TRIED to get organ meats popular again but to no avail.
And i'm just over here licking my chops at the prospect of lab created chocolate that is impervious to XYZ, and is cheap! We all love innovation, until the days campaign of choice (created by that guy over there), gets in the way.   KILL THE B̶A̶T̶M̶A̶N̶ ROGER!
Beef Noodles LOL!   For me its the use of mother sauces vs pan sauces made a la minute. As well as plating styles: stacked with ornate garnishes on gold plated plates vs minimalist dishes with lots of negative space on pure white plates.   Theres even discrepancies within the "new school." Thomas Keller being the Old New School, Daniel Humm New School and René Redzepi being the new New School where sauces are almost non-existent and the food is very much un-tampered...
Guess I suck at making pesto that way... 
Big &^#@ bowl of pasta! Lots of chips, salsa, hummus.
Theres two methods, for a more liquid caramel use this technique. with room temperature  caramel.   For a stiff, chewy caramel simply make this recipe:         and dip them.
Is freezing it out of the question? 
Tax evasion? I'm guessing you don't know how FoH tip reporting works... You'll be fine.
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