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If you have the patience, I would definitely make a "dummy" tower with no filling in the profiteroles for display and serve the real ones on platters.   Guess I know what i'll do for Christmas this year!
@Nicko and pulling them apart destroys the pastries. I've made one that way before back in culinary school. DISASTER. They stick to each other, rips the profiteroles open and makes the filling start to ooze out. With each successive pull it gets worse and worse. The chef pulled me aside and said its best not to stick them together from a customer standpoint. Just stack them around the cone and secure them in place with a star piped dollop of diplomat cream or something of...
They stack much like a honeycomb structure.
 Croquembouches are assembled after the sugar has already solidified. They are merely arranged around the cone as a guide. So yes you can use any cone shaped medium.
Our kitchen is stainless steel top to bottom. With the push of a button, all of our tables and equipment lift 1ft off of the floor using hydraulics and the kitchen goes into "Sanitize mode," high pressure water jets blast the floors, walls and ceilings then it is blown dry and then a fine mist of chlorine is sprayed over all surfaces. Then our 10,000hp exhaust system then removes all smells, and contaminants from the air.   The kitchen of the future! With laser knives,...
Of course there is! In the fancy pants hotel biz they are called production cooks/chefs. They make the 50 gallon batches of stuff (like stocks) that are eventually divided up to make other things. In restaurants you have AM cooks who basically make the large batches of stuff that the PM cooks take credit for ha!
Hate macarons... but we must press on! The people demand them!
Some of the fastest knife work I've seen was from the resident "old guy" in a hotel I used to work at. In his 50's I believe... Beat up old serrated knife with a plastic handle, just killing pineapples, and melons, Swedish Chef style! Here comes the exec with his $1200 Japanese knife, and he's too scared to put some miles on the freaking thing!
Speaking of plating: I came upon a news article in which a couple of big name French chefs began barring photography in their dining rooms because they felt that their food was proprietary. "You want to see what my food looks like you pay for it!"   Recipes are fare game in my book! (short of breaking into a place) @foodpump Krabby Patties HA!!! But I get pretty wary of people going above and beyond just a simple recipe. I'm talking same ingredients, same sauces, same...
With all of the kerfuffle over who did what first in regards to the deep fried pastry, Cronut, Dosant, Fried Croissant etc. I am wondering what do others think of the practice of copying anothers work and using it to propel your establishment? Just the other day I came upon a restaurant in the Netherlands that has copied Alinea's table side dessert, and a number of others on the forum called them out on it (maybe they got permission or a blessing to do so). Full disclosure...
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