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Some of you may know the origins of so called "molecular gastronomy." Some REALLY smart people working for uber wealthy corporations devised "shortcuts" in the food production process to yield consistent results in the manufacturing process making things like quality of the product, origin and operator error obsolete. As well as keeping costs down by replacing say cane sugar with HFCS and other artificial products. But what baffles me is (besides the fact that people...
Are we cooking or selling coffee table books?    http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/09/dining/dishes-worthy-of-instagram-but-not-your-appetite.html?ref=dining&_r=1
Just today someone wanted to replace a granita in one of my desserts with cherry sorbet. I said absolutely not, I gave them the dessert with the cherry sorbet on the side. Lo and be frickin hold the server comes back and says "they were glad you didn't substitute the cherry sorbet for the granita because they liked it better."   People substituting things they haven't even tasted yet! This typically comes from years of eating crap, when they get something actually good...
People always ask me why I have so many books, and spend so much money on them. With much restraint... I politely tell them, the books will last longer than the lights...   I have a digital version of all of the Grand Livres d'Cuisine, but I would still pay $300 for the physical tome. Because... Its a 10 lb book!   I only look online for recipes I once say in a book HA! Theres a few blogs out there thats I frequent, but the regular run of the mill sites that pop up...
I love Todd English's version (who? :p)   Italian sausage Ground beef Tomato sauce Whole Basil Leaves Ricotta Aged Mozzarella Finished with Bechamel sauce
But.....but WHY!?!?
I'm guessing my 24 hours for chicken stock would REALLY freak people out? lol
If you have the patience, I would definitely make a "dummy" tower with no filling in the profiteroles for display and serve the real ones on platters.   Guess I know what i'll do for Christmas this year!
@Nicko and pulling them apart destroys the pastries. I've made one that way before back in culinary school. DISASTER. They stick to each other, rips the profiteroles open and makes the filling start to ooze out. With each successive pull it gets worse and worse. The chef pulled me aside and said its best not to stick them together from a customer standpoint. Just stack them around the cone and secure them in place with a star piped dollop of diplomat cream or something of...
They stack much like a honeycomb structure.
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