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I agree with what you are saying. I think Bourdain is basically telling us his ups, and (mostly) downs of his "entry level" career, which I think a lot of was brought on himself. Heroin and coke in the kitchen? Or for that matter, anywhere? Although I don't feel sorry for him, I'm glad he is doing well and he is clean. I just think a lot of his past misery was rearing it's ugly head in the article. Like I said earlier, that's something a young person could get very...
Right now? The last months issue of Soldier of Fortune magazine. Does that count?
Getting ready to start The Sauce Book by Paul Gayler.  
Nothing bothers me too much as long as they are trying. But I have to admit, I don't really like it when a Server comes up to my table for the first time and asks me "how are "WE" doing today"? It's not going to effect their tip, but I can't answer how he or she is doing. I can tell him or her how "I'm" doing, but that's it. Asking how "we" are doing sounds too scripted I guess.  
The Bottle Rockets, Kentucky Headhunters, Uncle Tupelo, Bruce Hornsby, Sass Jordan. 
I'm not in the culinary business, but from an outsiders perspective, if it were me, and I loved to bake, I would concentrate exclusively on a Pastry Chef's curriculum. The way I see it is there will always be a need for pastry chef's as well as culinary chef's. This seems to be a business where you are not limited in what you want to achieve. 
Looks like it's been awhile since anyone has responded to this but after reading AB's "opinion" on the subject, I feel it's all a moot point. His take on the aspirations of people wanting a career in the culinary arts is a little twisted. First off, it seems to me that he is lumping everybody into the "I want to be the next God's Gift to Chefs" catagory. Some people don't want the headache. Some people just want to go to their local AI, or their local state college...
Just joined up but I've lurking for quite awhile. Not a professional, but I love to cook. I'm 53 yrs. old, been there, done that , but I've always wanted to be a professional chef. Heck, when I joined the army back in the mid-seventies that's what I wanted to do, become an army cook. But, the army being, well, the army, and me being  young and not knowing any better, I let them talk me out of it. So instead of being in an army kitchen peeling potatoes and cooking eggs...
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