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Hi all, I was hoping to come across someone who has worked in a Japanese resturant or someone that knows alot about Japanese Food / menus/ service structure. I'm doing a report for trade school and am really struggling. I went to a japanese restaurant here in Melnourne, but it's not the same. I have read and read and read till my eyes almost bleed. But still i can't get a grasp of what is being read and now i find myself just a few hours away from handing in a draft...
Hi everybody, i have  a practical theory test coming up that i am studying for and one of the sections on the test will be on nutrition. So we have to find out what the: Protein, carbs, fats and vitamins are in the following items: All answers are guesses and not actual fact, as i have no idea! Bavarois: Protein = Eggs, whites and yolks Carbs = Castor sugar (I'm guessing) Fats = Milk, cream, sugar and desiccated coconut Vitamins =...
Hi Molly, To answer your question, I go to Box Hill Insititute, One of Melbourne best Tafe school for Culinary, in my opinion. A lot of Melbourne famous chef graduated from the school that i am attending. Other then a bit of an admin nightmare the teaching staff are great, very realistic and supportive. I love it, with the exception of a few inmature people in my class. But i just ignore them! :) Glad my suggestion helped, i like to hl where i can... Cheers!
Prairie, I have asked and basically begged. Problem is and i hasve been told that being a chef was not his first choice and there for is not his reall passion but a learnt one. His burnt out and need a new job or a full career change. I would leave but it's complicated and besid there are not a lot of jobs going for apprentices at the moment. I always keep my eyes open for new chances and options. So Deacon, didn't mean to make a mess of ya post... it's all yours  
I'm just an apprentice and on a smaller scale i have the same problem with my head chef who seems to be stuck i his ways. I just keep going, sooner or later they will give in or realise that you have a lot of inititive and give it a go. Or you can just try to convince them one by one.... I think Hang in there.. Youll get there. 
Hi everyone, I brought 10 fresh figs today as i have never eaten igs before and then i got to thinking exactly what i was going to do with them?!?!? So i thought i would ask you all what you would do with fresh figs?
ARGH Ok... here sits a frustrated apprentice! I tried making my coconut bavarois with agar agar and it turned my bavarois GREEN! If any1 can tell me how to make coconut bavarois with agar agar and have it turn out white pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee let me know. Also i tried to make a jelly with agar agar and it didn't set... Help?!?!?!?
Oui Chef Great... Fantasic!!! I think i can do this... Well learning includes failing so i will try it out and let you all know how i go... Monday is D - day so keep ur fingers crossed i don't mess it up!
Still would like to know the conversion rate of gelatine to agar agar? I need to make Coconut Bavarois at home and for religious reason can't use gelatine in the house. But i do have agar agar, so any tipe would be great! Thanx
I've just read this whole thred and to me, i agree that a home kitchen is a home kitchen and a commercial kitchen is a commerical kitchen. If you are sharng a house with someone that has questionable food handling sanitation then address the matter, if the person does not agree then you explain to them in the most calmest manner that you will no longer place any food items that have been prepared by them until they inform themselves on the proper procedure. Your...
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