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Thanks for the suggestion and information. Having that will keep some dishes in my menu options without making me nervous.
Thanks for the welcome. I am an avocational cook, and use cooking as my relaxation and therapy. My particular projects are selected by my mood du jour so there is no real focus but I like projects that involve slicing, dicing, chopping, and preparation without being overly technical. Things that cook slowly (not in a slow cooker) like soups, stews, cassoulet, or roasts of various kinds are especially attractive to me. As a vegetable gardener as well, my menus are...
I have used fish sauce in Thai and other Asian recipes. My wife however has developed an allergy to seafood and I am reluctant to test the limits of her allergies. Is there a substitute that I can use for the fish sauce that would approximate the flavor without the seafood exposure?
Hi all, I just discovered this site and am very excited by it. Cooking is a hugely therapeutic activity for me, even though I have to watch how much of the output I eat to keep my weight from its apparently inexorable rise. I am looking forward to sharing and learning. Tom
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