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Thanks for all the help man! I need one of those water stones!   Check out my old knives, I've had them since I was 17 and they are still working, they do deserve a medal or something cause boy I did treat them like....remeber Sid from Toy Story I? Well, I was Sid, the kives where the toys :S      
Yes, I mean sharpen. Sorry for my bad english, I'm not from the US :P   I hear you when you say the whole thing is shrouded in mystical aura hahaha some of the posts in CT are quite good, specially those where BDL talks about sharpening techniques, but as a noob I get lost easily. For now I only have a ceramic rod and a diamond ultra sharp 600 grit stone (which I know it's probably too harsh for these knives).    I'll look for Ward's techniques! :D Thank you Wagstaff, I...
Oh I will!!! :)
Tons and tons for Venezuelan dark chocolate! All gushed down with an 82 Pétrus. 
Thanks guys for your advices :D   A cousin gave me these knives as a gift so I'm actually struggling to understand how to maintain them (I only have a ceramic rod), they're all MACs except for the boning knife, that's an Elephant Sabatier.   Here's a pic of the little (and not so little) devils:  
Hi guys, well I received these knives as a gift, they are all MAC except for the boning knife, that's an Elephant Sabatier. I've been reading in the forum about how to properly maintain knives but I would like to know if you guys have some other advices :)   Here's a pic of the babys:
This is gonna be a helluva bump... but thank you guys for the advices!!! 
Hi guys   Well, I'm about to start in culinary school and my parents said we can make an investment buying decent knives. Thing is I don't have a clue what brand should I buy or which knives I'm going to need. I've seen these sets on Amazon but people have told me NOT to buy the set but to buy them individually.   Thanks for your help.
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