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Not convinced by this gin, seems like a case of marketing over substance. In common with a lot of other so-called 'premium' gins it has a very light citrusy body and I don't think will pack the punch to make a good martini (though as yet I've only tried it straight). Maybe a gin for vodka martini drinkers?
I'm worried about what kind of cocktail could be rimmed with peanut...
Been to a number of these places, Laundromat and Ida Davidsen were not worth the visit, but the others that I tried were all good.    One place I would add is Marv & Ben, also Relae. 
People will be hearing a lot more about this guy over the next couple of years. Shame the restaurant's so bloody hard to get to. 
I'd just like to add a couple of unmentioned and relatively easy-to-find beers to this thread that are worth trying for anyone interested:   - Brakspear Triple - Adnams Broadside - Fullers 1845 - Timothy Taylor's Landlord   Regarding those already mentioned (this is opinion only): - Samuel Smith do make excellent beers, but unfortunately the company's business practices (particularly with regard to their tied houses) are in my opinion unethical bordering...
I let it rest with my plate over it for a couple of minutes after it comes off the heat, then add the butter & cheese, carry out the mantecatura very violently (most crucial step) and serve.
  Certainly a nicer accent than the nuances of flavour contributed by pesticides. Seriously though, I live in the city but 15 minutes on the train followed by 10 minutes walk brings me to relatively unspoiled forest where collecting wild is absolutely fine.  
I try and use a reasonable amount of wild herbs/leafy vegetables, also grow some of my own herbs, but don't otherwise have the opportunity to do much.
Living in Scandinavia, prices are even higher than the UK. Including food, drinks and tip, I paid the equivalent of $1111 for a dinner for two not so long ago.   Admittedly, the restaurant was very good and I did save up for several months beforehand.
Worth noting that clams open a bit later in the cooking process than some other bivalves. They must be served as soon as they open or they will be overcooked.
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