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in the past konosuke HDs were available with traditional western handles. i guess theyre out of stock at the moment. maybe you should inquire with mark and see what is possible. and yes the knife in the link is a kono HD, it just has a funky handle. forever is a long time, are you sure youre ready to make that kind of commitment, lol? theyre well made well regarded knives and as long as you take proper care of them then i suppose they will last an eternity... by the way,...
well i prefer MACs profile,bolster, and handle to the masamoto(i assume youre talking about the VG?)just a more comfortable knife to use in my opinion. sure the tkc is nice too, like ive said ive never used one personally. i would prefer a konosuke HD though.
i like MACs, never used TKCs and i would recommend against the masamoto. without knowing exactly what your preferences are exactly for knives(spine thickness, total weight,profile) its kinda hard to recommend something else, even though youre not asking for suggestions i feel like theres alot more stuff that could be in the discussion in the $200+ range. mac gets alot endorsements from pretty well respected chefs that wouldnt associate their name with a product unless it...
i would just grab a 240mm or 270mm sujihiki.
consider it a blessing in disguise:)
i owned a 210 konosuke petty that i sold due to too much flex. to each their own.
i like 150mm pettys also. but im not into konosuke or any sakai lasers when it comes to petty knives. they have more flex than i would like.
who or what is that troll thing in reference to? am i missing something?
the sakai yusukes seem to have a little more consistent fit and finish and i prefer their handles a great deal more compared to stock konosuke handles. yusukes handles are smoother a tad wider really nicer overall IMO. i guess thats where the price difference goes. the performance of the white steel itself is identical to me with both companies. hd steel is my favorite steel so far of any gyuto ive used but for sujis i like carbon especially if your using a sujihiki for...
that gyuto is awful looking. it looks like a 10" santoku knife.
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