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In my opinion you should be there. In any kitchen I run I am always there for inspections. One reason is to walk around d with the inspection crew or inspector.
 It is surprisingly small for everything it can carry. Much smaller than many kits and rolls I have used in the past.  
I currently use the ultimate edge deluxe 18 case. I am pretty happy with it, however, would like it wider. I am able to have my whisks in its but it does buldge a bit more than I like.
He has agreed not the best option. If you could only have one splash and go stone like the shapton pro what would it be? If two what would they be? He has Tojiro dp.
I use waterstones but one of my guys and friend thinks they are too messy. I offered him both my 8k and 16k shapton glass stones for 100.00 which is a beck of a deal for two stones. He is thinking of buying the tojiro pull through sharpened. I personally don't know much about it, but have used that type of sharpener in the past and was no good for my knives. What say you guys? Have you used it and how well did it work? He is using Tojiro do knives.
Why do you keep spamming my thread with irrelevant posts?
They keep coming out of the woodwork for a 3 year old
If I am using a 1500 why not skip the 2k? Btw I am using Hiromoto as knives, so it is a carbon core.
 Thanks for that. When I got into sharpening those are what I had in 2005. Might be able to save a bit.
I currently have two glass stones and not sure what I think. I have 8k and 16k. They worked fine and cut well, just not sure I like the feel and thinness over the pros.
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