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 Thanks for that. When I got into sharpening those are what I had in 2005. Might be able to save a bit.
I currently have two glass stones and not sure what I think. I have 8k and 16k. They worked fine and cut well, just not sure I like the feel and thinness over the pros.
No I just don't have the shaptons any longer. Buying Shapton pro again
You can also use xanthan gum to stabilize the emulsions.
Replacing my stones due to life changes and trying to decide on grits. I use shapton pro stones and before had 320, 1k,2k,5k,8k,15k, and 30k. I use carbon core knives and thinking of a 1.5k vs the 1k and dropping the 2k. So it would be 320, 1.5, 5, 8, and 15k. Not sure I really need 30k again.
You seem quite young and a lot of growing up to do. One month on the job is nothing. Learn whatever you can from the others by asking questions. Research and study at home. Step up and take care of things you see needs to be done such as cleaning, ask others if they need help with prep. Step up and make them notice you by doing well and making an effort to learn and find things to do. Ask your chef if you can study the standardized recipes.
Probably nothing as a 15 year old thread and only posted once. The food industry is tough work. If you are 40 and looking at going into the culinary field expect 75 percent of the people being younger than you are telling you what to do. Expect long hours for little pay. We do this for the passion and not the pay. Starting out you can expect next to nothing for pay? Maybe 10.00 an hour.
I know it all depends on where you work and what position, but what all is in your kit? I have been out of the field for around two years and due to a divorce an unexpected relocation, I am having to replace my personal kit. I know I don't currently need what I needed at Rosewood Mansion on TurtleCree, or even my fine dinning restaurant in Killeen. Eventually you never know so I will replace everything gradually. So what are your essentials you can't live without, and...
I have a lot of experience with the Benriner and it works great. I would keep one in my kit. It is a great buy for the price.Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Xparent Blue Tapatalk 2
I apologize for that. yes thank you for trying to help.
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