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I'm diabetic.   You can convert any recipe with sugar substitutes.  Remember that 1 teaspoon of stevia has the sweetness of 1 cup of sugar, and can have some bitterness.  I like a blend of stevia and xylitol, which you can buy at health food and organic stores.  Xylitol is cup for cup with sugar.   Personally, my favorite is a cheesecake.  You can use reduced or lowfat cream cheese, gussy it up with unsweetened coconut if you like, and it doesn't need frosting....
Thank you, both, for the warm welcome! :D
Two of my favorites are asian noodle salad and cold noodles with spicy peanut sauce.   Just throw together a big salad--mixed greens, bean sprouts, sliced jalapeno, bell pepper, cilantro or other herbs, cashews or whatever you might like, and toss with cooked and cooled bean thread noodles, rice noodles or whatever suits your fancy.  Top with this salad dressing:     8 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons sesame oil Juice of 1 lime 6 tablespoons soy...
I just discovered this wonderful site today!   My name is Amanda, I'm originally from and currently living in my hometown in Central NY state, however I've lived and traveled around, sampling and learning local food everywhere I go.   I'm not a chef, but I love, love, love to cook, learn about cooking, read and write about food and take photos of what I'm eating.   That's about it!  
  My mother-in-law used to make cole slaw with just cabbage and mayo.  It's hideous.  Don't do it.  Ever.  
Hello... new here, and what better way to introduce myself then trial by fire?   I'm a home cook with dietary restrictions and, honestly, now I'm afraid to order soups at restaurants!  I've always considered soup a relatively safe bet in the past, assuming that reputable restaurants are making their own stock.   If a base product is completely natural, then fine--but most bases I've seen have **other** ingredients in them.  It's like adding sugar to caramelize...
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