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I'm wanting to do a slow cooker meal involving a couple of bags of those Lipton's side dish rice things with chicken as the protein. I was just wondering what kind of cooking time I would be looking at. I can't seem to find any recipes for slow cooker liptons side recipes. If it helps, the stovetop recipe calls for heating all contents to a boil then reduce heat and simmer for 7 minutes. Could I maybe just add more water and up the time so the chicken can soak up more?
Hey everyone. I was wondering if there were any other uses for minute maid frozen concentrate aside from just the obvious orange juice. We're currently on WIC and my wife's portion of it contains this frozen juice. We don't really drink much orange juice but it's mandatory that you get everything on the list so now we have about 10 cans of this just sitting in our freezer. So any ideas guys? Thanks!
Not to over-generalize women but they seem to respond to 3 things that I have personally noticed over the years. (Happily married now)   1) Confidence - This is #1 for a reason, because it's the best. You don't have to be handsome or super smart but if you're mumbling all the time and not looking her directly in the eye, she will sense your low self-esteem and back away.   2) Lack of Interest - This doesn't mean show her no attention, but don't over do it is all....
We always use Tony's Chachere's on ground beef. Well, we use it on almost everything down here in northern Louisiana but I really like it on ground beef. That or an extreme dose of freshly ground pepper.
You can't go wrong with sausage, egg and cheese burritos with small cups of salsa. Throw in some donuts and you're set!
My answer has to be Italian Sausage with grilled onions and worcestershire sauce on a hotdog bun with sweet relish. Mmmmmm
I was never one to make my own sauce as my family loves Ragu but I found this one online and it sounds great. Here is a basic, easy cream sauce that seems to compliment most everything when it comes to pasta. 1 quart heavy cream 1 tb. olive oil 2 cloves chopped garlic (more if you LOVE garlic) 3/4 c fresh parmesan 3 tb. finely chopped fresh basil 1/4 tsp. red pepper flakes (more if you want a bit of a kick) 2 tb. butter coarse salt and fresh black pepper to taste Sautee...
Anything John Grisham. I'm currently rereading The Innocent Man. It's a great book and it's Grisham's first piece of non-fiction.
I would probably take after this sign:   Absolutely hilarious
Every time I try and cook a frozen pizza whether it's one I made or a "take-n-bake" from the local pizza place, they always turn into a 4/10 dish. I always have to end up choosing whether I want my outer edge or the middle of my pizza done perfectly. I can't have both as they always have burned edges and doughy middles.
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