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it was very very helpful sir! im sure gonna use this info! thanks alot!
its very strong material but the blade is very delicate... if you need to sharp the knife its better for you to send them the knife (KAI) if its possible ofcourse or you can just read alot and try carefully using stone. im learning about it too actually :)
Ok so if you would need to choose products best for my knife... which stone would you buy and which honing stick ?
So you actually saying i need to use only stone and not using Honing Steel (even if its ceramic one) ?
+1 believe me after you use it youll understand... its like disrespecting the material (the food)... when u cut something its like cutting the air... and  i used alot of knives many brands.. it worth the money . ART!  
I use the elite shun 8" ... super knife. but indeed you need to know how to use it... very gentle
Im using a Shun Elite chef 8 and its unbelievable.. Im cooking at home and at work and its superb.
Hello! I would like to ask you nice people to help me find the perfect Honing steel for my Elite Shun 8" ! The knife is very sharp and very gentle and i heared i cant use any honing steel. what do you think i should use??
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