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BUMP!             HEH!   Who else is making Christmas Cookies?
                                                          (just call me MARTHA!)     WHEW!   I made 9 different baked goods to give as gifts to our friends, neighbors,  our postal carrier, the FedEx & UPS guys, our Handiman ... Hmmm, who did I miss?   I baked for three days straight from 9am til 5pm   (hell, I'm retired, I don't need to be up and working this early nor for a full 8 hour day , BAHAHAHA!)   ... but I had such a great time. There's something to...
  Hawaiian Style Kau Yuk http://www.hawaiianelectric.com/heco/_hidden_Hidden/Recipes/Kau-Yuk-with-Taro well, I can't get Taro here in the middle of the desert,  so I left that out. Normally we would serve this with bao or steamed buns, MMM or even just steamed white rice. This is one of my Mother's favorite, so I cooked up 3 pounds of Pork Butt in this style as part her Christmas gift (my younger sister pinched one, or as we say, she cockroached it)
     It seems as though I 'm not the only goof-ball who BLEW this recipe...   @French Fries I appreciate your very kind offer,  but DH has made quite the dent in that batch, saying,  "they're not so bad" ... I put them into the `fridge for a few,  that solidified the candies ... still I think those will stay here,  and the other FIVE different types of cookies will be as gifts.   (Vanishing Oatmeal Cookie Bars with cranberries, Land-O-Lakes Jumbo Chewy...
mjb, these cookies taste great, but they DON'T look the way that they should,       very disappointing, but whaddya gonna do? Get a bigger glass of milk  HA!
Jiminy crickets @EverydayGourmet Chicken Parm Meatloaf, YEAH! I-MUST-TRY!
  Hawaiian or "Local Style" Beef Stew over steamed white rice   I found a chuck blade roast, butchered it myself  (that saves money over buying 'stew meat') I dusted the pieces in Wondra Flour,  browned all sides of the meat... Once the Stew was finished, I thickened the sauce with more Wondra,  I love this stuff, no lumps, really!
        OH MY GAWD!!   I was making some Christmas cookies to bundle up as gifts ...  tried a new recipe for me, Hershey's Kiss Candy Cane Blossoms,  UMMM,  not so much Boy, did I mess this up, in my defense though the instructions are poor So I've dubbed my cookies, "Melting Snowman" BAHAHAHA!  
 I had a big bag of organic Fuji Apples from the local orchard, just the right amount of sweetness.
    Yummy Apple Cake A recipe my SIL & her DIL sent me recently We weren't wild about the "glaze" though,  I may fiddle with it some more,  but the cake itself is lovely. We can't eat an entire cake,  so I shared with the neighbors,  they all loved it.
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