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  Lumpia ground chicken thigh meat, browned, into the food processor for a fine texture shredded carrots and cabbage bean sprouts (mung beans) Lumpia wrappers (sorry, store bought) roll 'em up REAL tight refrigerate overnight  deep fry at 350 til GBD sweet chili sauce for drowning them in! MMM! of course I needed to do a quality check... we don't want to poison the other guests, HA! This is perfect for the Pre-Super Bowl Party we're off to... I prefer...
Nope, sorry folks, HERE'S our winner! Stuffed Cabbage I lined the bottom of the pot with the stray bits of cabbage, shredded, along with 1/2 c. chicken broth,  homemade of course steamed the cabbage leaves and removed the tough, thick ribs The filling was simple: 1/2 lb. 93/7 ground beef onion sweet peppers celery smoked paprika allspice garlic s&p roll, tuck, into the pot seam side down crushed san marzano tomatoes on top bake, covered at 375 for about...
For me as a home cook, I don't think that I would use a product as you describe either. I use paper plates, dishes (I try not to though, `cuz I don't want to be washing a heard of dishes), soy sauce dishes (very handy btw for smaller sized ingredients such as 2 minced garlic cloves or spices) or I just use my large cutting board and divvy everything up.  
Gee, it seems to me that I could just put some Better Than Bouillon in a cup,  pop that under my Keurig and dispense hot water ... and spend a heck of a lot less money
This may sound strange, but my family, from the Azores, saved all of their fats and then on Fat Tuesday made Malasadas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malasada I can't resist a nice, warm, fluffy ball of fried dough rolled in sugar!
  Stopped at Whole Pay Check, I mean Whole Foods on the way home  and saw the cutest tiny Cauliflower and thought of @Koukouvagia  I roasted it with some Olive Oil, Garlic and finished with grated Grana Padano, S&P... served with a broiled Flank Steak.  roasted Crimini and broiled Zucchini, oh and roasted Shallots MMM! Both DH and I really enjoyed that Cauliflower very much,  a first!  We both swore that it was nasty stuff, but I heard Miss KK in my ear, "try it...
WOW! 21 @ordo WOW!
 Am I missing something from that Challenge @teamfat http://www.cheftalk.com/t/81655/august-2014-challenge-eggs/240#post_480349
OH MY GAWD! I SOOOOOO want to be like that when I, um,  well, I already am old so...  The members of The Who aren't much older than myself and my husband,  I think that being a rocker through life is fantastic! Keeps you young...  DANCE PARTY AT MY HOUSE!!!!
I forgot, but yeah man, that would be DA BOMB!!!Mines one is DA BEST!http://www.cheftalk.com/a/quest-for-zippy-mac-salad-recipe-via-kaneohegirlinaz
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