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@chefbuba don't you 'can' your own Tuna?
Jeff and Sophie, both my husband and I send our deepest sympathies upon hearing of your loss of Bella & Louie. Now they have each other and are waiting for you guys on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
This has been a whirlwind month; so many dishes were submitted that made mine and I’m sure everyone’s mouths water. We had several new members to ChafTalk join in the fun, @homecookproject @dantech @Nate @NikisCucina @DubaiDan @TrainMeUp @penguinette-de All with worthy entries, for sure! @Mike9, man what can I say?  Your Stew made with fresh Laurel from your own back yard and that Wild Boar, Venison and Mushroom Ragu was over the top. @MaryB, I loved the idea...
@teamfat HMMM, we'll see `bout that     @GeneMachine that's what my greadtgrandmother would do (I'm part Danish)
So, here we are at the end of the month again and I have a huge decision to make. My husband has been asking me for days now, “So who’s it going to be?” There have been so many firsts during this months Challenge, and many new members that joined in for their very first post here at ChefTalk. I will need to mull this over a bit and let you all know who will be hosting February’s Challenge later this evening.
@GeneMachine you had me wrapped around your finger at spatzle. Do you have one of those cool scraper-thingys?
@teamfat very nice, I myself have never tried arapes so I could say a word if there would be any disappointment for me, but then anything with sour cream and avocado, I'm happy
@durangojo green chile pork stew with all the goodies, I take a double order please?
@DubaiDan that's your second post here at ChefTalk?  Not Bad dude, not bad at all
@butzy nice lookin' bread
New Posts  All Forums: