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    It was lunch for dinner tonight, Soup and sandwich night, WAY too cold here! (for us anyways) Turkey on whole wheat with chips and a repeat  of my Italian wedding soup from the monthly challenge, really good stuff!
@ChicagoTerry Pinned It! The photo looks divine, that would be yummy on some roasted root veggies too, don't you think?
okay, so like a loaf pan for the "small" size then. but what about for a "Big" cake?
@MikeLM What size pans are you using for the "small" as well as the "Big" cakes? I LOVE fruitcake!  The kind with beautiful, dark, dense cake, the old fashion type.
@chefbuba I'll PM you my snail-mail address  I'll take a dozen!
My DF still has not let me know what I am making yet, but she did say that there will be 3 more adults and two little ones.  Maybe I should dream something up for the kiddos.
*sniff*  I stopped eating that delectable, crispy, juicy, fatty, goodness of crackly chicken skin awhile back
Terry, that sounds absolutely amazing!Would you be willing to share the recipe?
  A few years back I saw Ted Allen on FoodNetwork make "deconstructed turkey" It Works!! Nothing over or under done, perfect every time.
I'm excited Miss KK!I've been looking for these terrific PBS programs and had given up.  You inspired me to look again, and we now have them!I only wish is that we get "The Mind Of A Chef" that looks interesting... so much for living in a very small cowboy town  
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