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that took a couple a beats
@theillromanesco a question?  Is your business doing well?  if so, why change the name?  as a customer, if I saw a business close, then I saw re-no going on, and a brand new name and look, I'd think that this was a totally different venture with new owners and I may not come into your establishment.
Aloha, Welcome Brendenn to Chef Talk. So glad you found all of us!  This a vibrant and diverse community comprised of folks of varying skill levels.  Don’t miss the Chef’s Garden forum; there is always something interesting growing there.  I hope that you will post in the general forums as well as in the Professional, Home Cooks such as myself can only read in the Pro section.  Should you have questions in regards to the site, feel free to post those in the Feedback &...
Aloha, Welcome freespirit to Chef Talk. Yup, I’d say that we are pretty friendly bunch.  It amazes me how generous the members are with their knowledge of all things food.  I was doing to same as you about two years ago, searching the `net for an answer to a cooking dilemma, and here I am.  I would have to say though I am a died-in-the-wool-foodie from way back before there was such a word, HA! Take a lookey-loo around; do keep in mind though the Pro forums are read only...
Aloha or HOLA partner! Nice to see another member in AZ!  Bear down, go CATS! Aspiring chef? are you in school or self taught looking for a position? Questions questions questions... speaking of which, should you have any questions yourself about this sitr itself once you've reviewed the FAQ and Community Guidleines, go ahead and post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.  About the forums, the Professional Food Service forums are read only for us not employed in...
a chef-y friend sent me this one,  more fur brothers at nap time!
Where we live now is literally in the middle of the desert, No, really! You’d never know that this community is here. The nearest restaurant, take-out, fast food chain, ANYTHING is 25 miles from us. We do have a couple of restaurants that are owned and operated by our HOA, but they are so poorly run, I want to pull my hair out.  The food is worse than mediocre and it is always running in the red, by thousands of dollars.  That’s the homeowners’ money, my money, each...
mjb, our 20th was spent on a road trip for a month and had a BLAST!    
isn't that interesting the price cap that we put on a "good meal out"? or what we feel is the definition of something worthy of our time and or tolerance
@wlong it doesn't have to be tomato based... what about using green chile sauce instead? just sub the tomato sauce for a can of green chiles, like ortega, a mild chile, give em a wiz in the blender... that's a winner at our house
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