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  DH got me this custom made apron from Crooked Brook LOVE LOVE LOVE I lost some weight, so I should have another one made to fit  me a little better though (plus I've gotten it pretty well stained, I wear it everyday) this is the same apron that Sara Moulton wears, I've wanted this for years!
  I made way too much dinner last night (Fish Vera Cruz Style with steamed Rice) so I packaged it up with reheating instructions and went "visiting" The neighbors on either side of us are elders and I know that there are nights that they do not eat dinner, only because they don't want to  cook for one. So I shared not only something for their supper but I sat and chatted for a while with them. I think the time shared was appreciate more so than the food.
@flipflopgirl photos please? how adorable! I have no keikis, so no one to play with My grand-nephews love my food and make many requests, but they won't come into the kitchen and cook/bake with me
mimi, Mr. K~Couple is the same way, maybe you and I should go to dinner and leave them at home  but seriously, I've mentioned this to a couple of the folks `round here and they think that I should go for it,  maybe being a Personal Chef might be more in line out here, I searched the American Personal & Private Chef Assoc.  and there are no chefs for over 100 miles!
    By request, BettyR's yellow cake recipe and Chocolate Italian Butter Cream Frosting for my husband's birthday cake, this was his request btw, he loves this cake.         This cake was so tall, it didn't fit in my covered cake pedestal plate!
This type of business has been going on for years, albeit as an underground operation; not publicized, not backed by a large group with money behind it.  Mostly up and coming chefs with no where to cook and feature their talents.   As a Home Cook who would love to entertain, cook and make a mid-sized group of folks, who love food as much as I do, happy,  why not? Once a month to start, a rotating menu, BYOB, hour and a half and then you're out the door, that way I...
 EDG, could you share your Turkey Parm Loaf recipe?We've been eating alot of turkey since our new diet, I mean since our change in how we look at food... 
Sure @petalsandcoco   When I make the pasta with AP, I follow a recipe my SIL gave me for the Ravilois: 2 2/3 C. AP 1 tsp salt 2 eggs beaten 2 tsp olive oil  and if needed  +or-  2 tsp water depending on the humidity, you don't want sticky dough   And then when I make Semolina pasta: 100g Semolina Flour 1 large Egg beaten large pinch of salt    (we're on a pasta kick lately, can you tell?  )   ... and I love to make something from leftovers, I have a hard...
  made with leftover roast turkey ...  Tetrazzini handmade pasta, fresh mushrooms, loads of peas and a bunch of parm on top
+1 Mike Leftover Pizza in our house is eaten cold for breakfast, MMM!(*note to self-make more pizza dough today)
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