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@Koukouvagia the difference in the recipe is I used the chuck blade were Cook's Country used chuck eye as well as using dried herbs rather than fresh 
WOW FF, more hints?
Welcome to Chef Talk @Chef Zaki So glad you found us!  This a vibrant and diverse community comprised of folks of varying skill levels.  Don’t miss the Chef’s Garden forum; there is always something interesting growing there.  I hope that you will post in the general forums as well as in the Professional, Home Cooks can only read in the Pro section.  Should you have questions in regards to the site, feel free to post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum. About that,...
Aloha, welcome to Chef Talk. You've come to the right place! You know, nobody else gets me... You do what? You cook, you mean food? It's like speaking a different language to some people. Let me just say, the folks here at Chef Talk, they GET you! Take a look around and if you have any questions, post those in the Feedbck & Suggestion forum. A note about the forums, the Pro section is for folks employed in the food industries only, so I hope that you will join in the...
funny @teamfat when I first asked my mother how to make pot roast, that's what she told me to look for, "ask the butcher for a pot roast"
@Rick Alan and @Koukouvagia here's a nother way of making a pot roast supper if you like     super delicious
Aloha ,Welcome to Chef Talk, we’re happy that you found all of us. It's all about sharing of knowledge, experiences and FOOD! Don’t forget about the Non-Professionals here, Home Cooks have plenty to bring to the table, feeding our families and friends. Join the conversation or start a thread of your own, on that I might suggest that you do a search at the top of the page to find any previous discussions on the topic. The Articles, Reviews and Galleries are fantastic,...
didn't get photos, we took mother out to a 'nice steakhouse' and I haven't been shocked by the hubs in years... he ordered escargot for the table and liked it!  the rest was pretty standard stuff on our ticket, prime rib (for the mister), filet oscar (mom's plate) and atlantic lobster tails (for me), a ceasar salad, a spinach salad, veg of the day, twice baked potato and carrot cake with coffee and oh a bottle of nice wine, of course... all shared at the table and we...
@chefbuba the folks always want what the folks want, and you're such a great son to provide it for them!
@Santona 1937 cool neighborhood, I have loads of family in lahainaluna area   @flipflopgirl GO FOR IT SIS!! you guys could always utilize public transportation rather than trying to find a place to park
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