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Miss KK, that large squash would make one make of a bowl of Zoodles! A little pesto or marinara or even just a drizzle of good olive oil ad that's dinner.      
Buba, I've never picked up the jarred stuff, but I will and do a THREE WAY taste test, for sure!AND I went to that "Asian Market"s site, did you see that new way to make Musubi?I'm on it! we have a road trip coming up and that will be breakfast on the road! 
  I actually have a package of Noh's Char Siu seasoning in the cupboard!I have already copy&paste'd your recipe MJB and will do a side-by-side, once we have a DANG GRILL that is... mahalo!
  I know it's the Summer and I probably shouldn't be making such  a heavy, hot, unctuous meal, but I am running out of ideas in a limited home kitchen... Chicken Cacciatore with thick Spaghetti  DIVINE!  a side salad, nice bread from TJ's,  a jug of wine and ...  well it is Saturday night afterall 
my braddah @ChefBillyB you know brah! be thankful, be humble, be real, always! dats how brah! a hui hou, until we meet...
@laurenlulu oh my goodness, aren't just the sweetest thing,  thank you so much for saying so, I really appreciate that
@chefbuba char siu? recipe please, please PLEASE!? and what cut of pork did you use as well?   I SOOO miss a good "Chinese BBQ Pork"... just before we left Southern Arizona,  I went to my favorite Asian Market,  I asked the kind gentleman for a pound of "Char Siu"... (we pronounce it cha-soo) "where you from girl?" ... "Hawaii, why?" "Not too many folks know char siu, they say chinese bbq pork..."
Oh my gravy all over my two scoop rice  (that's OMG! in my world) I just can't believe it's been over 5 years now that I have been participating here at CT in one way or another. In the past five years, I've : started a blog owned an online bakery  started an Etsy.com shop been a MOD here at ChefTalk (as well as on other sites) connected with other foodies met (in person) some wonderful folks through all of the above honed my cooking/baking skills (although we...
Great idea @Mike9 I'll look for that!
     YUM!I think I need to make another batch!
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