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*sniff*  I stopped eating that delectable, crispy, juicy, fatty, goodness of crackly chicken skin awhile back
Terry, that sounds absolutely amazing!Would you be willing to share the recipe?
  A few years back I saw Ted Allen on FoodNetwork make "deconstructed turkey" It Works!! Nothing over or under done, perfect every time.
I'm excited Miss KK!I've been looking for these terrific PBS programs and had given up.  You inspired me to look again, and we now have them!I only wish is that we get "The Mind Of A Chef" that looks interesting... so much for living in a very small cowboy town  
  A while back we found a Philly-style sandwich joint that flys in Amoroso Rolls frozen from Philadelphia. We were out all day yesterday and stopped in for "linner", late lunch-early dinner. Cheesesteaks and fries with a RC Cola and Tastykakes for dessert. I asked for a side of Broccoli Rabe rather than putting in my Cheesesteak and give it a try... MEH... I'll keep it as a side thanks all the same.  
 Just for you @ordo , just for you!My husband thought I had lost my mind... "What the heck are you doing? Now you're VIDEOING food, geez!"YUP
This will be my new word, SCRUMMY Miss KK, I'm thinkin' it's a combo of scrumptious and yummy, right?   very cool, I love it!
@Cerise just the other day I was at Sprouts, a grocery-chain store here in the western states, and they started taking fresh Turkey orders.  I like their birds because I can get organic; they hadn't mentioned anything about a shortage of birds.   @phatch I too prefer my Sweet Potatoes savory, unless their in a pie    @Pete Prior to being handing the reins for the Holiday Meals, I too did not care for stuffing, dressing, filling, whatever you call it... WAY too mooshy,...
MMM, I dip my Fried Chicken in Sweet Chili Sauce!   Speaking of -     I had two Tyson Crispy Chicken Strips  leftover from lunch a couple of days ago. A schmear of Mustard, a piece of Ham and Swiss Cheese heated it all together in the oven... Malibu Chicken ala Sizzler add a side salad and you're good to go!
Today's lunch:   Italian Wedding Soup     I had Mini-meatballs in the freezer,  along with the every present Chicken broth. I chopped some fresh Kale and cooked  some Orzo to al dente.  Simmered the pot for a few minutes and then put it on a  low flame until lunchtime.  I added the pasta  about 2 minutes before I ladled up the bowls.     I beat an Egg with some grated Garna Padano cheese and swirled that  into the pot.     With a sandwich, that was...
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