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But... If you are frying at the correct temperature, isn't it that how you avoid the "greezy food" syndrome  But... Everything in moderation, I agree We've started keeping a food diary, that way there's no disagreement... "didn't we have fried chicken yesterday?" But... DH doesn't like butter, mayo, sour cream, cream cheese, cream based salad dressings, so it's Olive Oil which is suppose to be healthier for you ... 
@teamfat that Breville is really nice, I got to use it while visiting over Thanksgiving weekend. A bit on the spendy side of the coin, but for my Mom, it was worth blowing my piggy bank up for. She uses the heck out of that sucker! Her toast in the morning Her little quiche from TJ's for her lunch and then small casseroles and the like. I had no idea that there are all of these dishes for these countertop appliances, who knew?       COME ON MAN! How cute is that?
  My newest look in the kitchen. My gal-pal @durangojo perpetuates  my obsession for aprons,  Red Hot Chili Peppers. She's back in California again and sent me this from the Fetzer Vineyards,  WAHOO!
My Mother cooks for one and she recently shared with me that she purchased a couple of those mini loaf pans and bakes for her Meatloaves in her little 'toaster oven'. I bought her that real nice one so that she doesn't need to heat up a huge hot box for such small duty.      
Mahalo, thanks FF, my Dad was never the smothering type towards me, we definitely understood each other...and I still sleep that way, one arm up over my head and the other must be still resting on my Dad's, I miss him all these years later.  Funny, he's the one who shaped me into the person I am today.Daddy's Girl, for sure!
This was tonight's supper     handmade pasta with leftover grilled veg and b/s chicken thigh meat chunks, loads of pepper and herbs, simply dressing with good Olive Oil and roasted Garlic MMM! (are you seeing a trend here? gotta love making the leftovers sing once again) 
@eastshores you and your Dad gave me a good chuckle, he must have been a character! These photos that we have of our loved ones become more and more precious to us as time passes and helps to heal us. I know your grief, I lost my Dad way too early, but I know he's with me, everyday.
On our way back from our Thanksgiving weekend with my Mother at her new digs in California,  we decided to stop in Prescott overnight.  We went to one of our favorite Italian joints there  and I ordered the Pork Osso Buco, way too much food, so I brought it home. I wanted to morph the pork into something else, so I shredded the meat off the bone,  heated it through with some of my homemade marinara , that I 'put up' in large quantity, and served it over my 2-cheese...
@flipflopgirl we went to "The Big City" last year to see Fleetwood Mac too. Funny, DH and I were discussing the different concerts we went to in the past,  and neither of us had gone to Fleetwood Mac because we couldn't afford the tickets. They ask the most for their show than any other band, but now that we are older and have that discretionary income, we go to see groups that we like.     Not sure if shared with you, back in June we saw Billy Joel in...
Just got back from "The Big City"      (sorry for the blurry picture, but the house was rockin')   ... where we went to see Fleetwood Mac. This tour "On with the show" included  Christine McVie for the first time in 17 years!   AWESOME!!!
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