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@flipflopgirl SISTAH!!!  you came through!   Basically, a Black Forrest Cake in a jar all from homemade goods, to die for. A Crock Pot® Oatmeal, something we could all probably use more of, fiber and delicious too (and I NEED that recipe too btw) Sneaky Caramel Sauce atop homemade Vanilla Ice Cream, a childhood fav of mine and dear to my heart, just add a shortbread cookie and you have me in the palm of your hand ... and lastly a jam, Apple Butter, one of my all time...
I'll second that!
MMM, man!Nate, I gotta ask ya, are these dishes that you're making at work to serve to customers or just us folk at ChefTalk?Which ever, I'll take that!
forgot about the wings! I'm sure someone will bring those...  I finished all of my prep work today and I just can't stop sampling the  Spinach and artichoke dip... with pita chips, oh my gosh! so old school I made a quart, I'm sure that it'll be gone quickly... for our beverage of choice we Have Henry Weinhard Root Beer for Mr. K~girl,our designated driver, y'all be safe out there now, y'hear! and 3 Buck Chuck for moi ... 
Here we are on the edge of Super Bowl Weekend in the USA. A HUGE food weekend! Tailgate parties, well, at least here in Arizona  And then in other parts of the country,  folks are gathering together for all sorts of potluck parties to watch the game together. We are headed to our dear friends home in Northern Arizona to party like it's 1999, yeah right! Well, at least the food will be good. I've already made a 'back in the day' Spinach and Artichoke dip with pita...
@eastshores OH MY BEAUTIFUL BIRDIE!    Almost everyone in my neighborhood growing up had a Kamado and didn't think twice about it, it was just what you used to grill, BBQ and smoke. Try using kiawe wood if you can get it and then smoke a turkey, WOW! (I brought back some chips from Hawaii and closely guard them)   But I digress ...    My braddah, that is the bomb diggity and beyond ...  The soy and the honey I think did it, yeah? Beautiful color and most obviously...
 Very nice! very nice indeed, and I yes, I would agree, seems Middle Eastern in origin, maybe yogurt that sour cream ... but delicious none the less.
 Now WHY no Earth would you not want to post this absolutely STUNNING roast dinner Miss KK?So slow, so gentle, a plate of caring love for your family, and my dear husband would n't say that was over done at all!
@Mike9, DUDE!  I became very religious there for a second ... Holy Crap! You could have served that Ragu on my old shoe and I'd def-def-definitely eat that man   YEAH, that's what I'm talkin' about!
  This what it's like where I come from  ... Miss Raiatea Helms singing Ho'onanea which translates to English as Relax ... ENJOY!
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