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  I make this often, Stromboli, with homemade Pizza Dough,  rolled out thin-ish, filled with Italian meats and Cheeses,  roasted Sweet Red Peppers, Pesto and diced Hot Cherry Peppers... BIG HIT, every time.
 BRADDAH!That looks MOST excellent!MAIKAI!!
 Oh my gosh buba! That would be a~maz~ing! I hope that we get to SEE that!  I love casseroles, they're so simple, easy and homey. Here's another that I make alot : Hatch Green Chile Relleno Casserole 1 ½ 27oz. cans Hatch Whole Green Chiles4-6 C. shredded Colby Jack Cheese1 C. Whole Milk¼ C. Flour¼ tsp. Baking powder5 Large Eggs8 oz. Hatch Green Chile Enchilada Sauce½ tsp. Cumin powder½ tsp. Oregano    Surprisingly tasty really, with NO TORTILLAS ... this does well at large...
First off @chefbuba I ADORE Vivian Howard. I saw that episode of "A Chef's Life" and I loved that analogy of casseroles, Southern Style. Second, even the word casserole I like, it makes me think of cassoulet, of which I still have not made.   So here we are     Our new landlords do not cook and work outside of the home late on Tuesdays, so I contribute/share weekly with something. A Tuna Casserole (yeah, I know so shot me), one for upstairs and one for...
       I use a 9x13 pan with homemade sheets of pasta (cut to fit the pan, layered out one way and then the other as you pile them on), sauce with LOADS of crumbled Italian Sausage,  3 different cheese and I get 5 layers it seems... never thought about it this before, I just assemble, bake and EAT! Re aches and pains of life: I ignore them all, life's a party, but there are some bumps along the way,  oh and that's why the pharmaceutical companies make so much money,...
okay @chefbuba what's up your sleeve for us?
 Buba, here's the absolute hysterical thing ... I went to the local Fry's (Kroegers"s) Supermarket here and they had Aloha Shoyu, but flaken cut ribs    duh what?Even my husband was in shock, and he's NOT a foodie, "HEH LOOK! they've got our shoyu!"  
 Miss KK, I feel ya, believe me!We're in the middle of REAL Cowboy country and Asian is BEYOND foreign to them.Flaken cut ribs for Galbi? FORGET ABOUT IT!!!
WHOA! @Hank now you're talkin' my language! Carne asada Tacos with pinto beans, MMM!!!
 MaryB I would love to get one of those but we are only in a rental short term as our new home is being built... (btw the poured the slab today and I got to watch with the forman, normally they say that the home owner MUST away, but he likes me   )
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