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WOW!  Good to know mimi... just WISH there were a Wegman's near us *sniff*   I buy my Tako whole from our asian market and then make Poke with it, MMM
I received the January 2016 issue of Bon Appétit and was reading an article: "In defense of simple food" featuring Chef Jeremy Fox. "Fox is particular about how his cooks fold their side towels. 'If a cook's not folding his towel right, ' Fox says, 'he might be cutting corners elsewhere.' They're used as pot holders, to wipe cutting boards, to anchor a mixing bowl-and draped over the corner of a pan to signal that it's hot. This is how to earn his approval:" And then...
Some really ONO (delicious) lookin' stuff guys!   I keep seeing fried eggs on top of all kinds of dishes now adays, so ...     I took some the leftover Stuffing from our Day After Christmas meal and ...     I served it with a fried egg, MMM! It was crazy good. I was going to film a video as I broke the yolk open and it oozed all over that gorgeous dressing, filled with sauteed  onions, celery, some dried cranberries and browned Portuguese Sausage OH...
Mahalo guys, I worked pretty hard on that meal and it was GOOD! So good, we had a repeat on Christmas day, well, more like I made so much that we HAD to eat it again to finish it off   Day after Christmas I would usually go shopping looking for the deals,  but not this year... I made a full-blown Turkey dinner. I made the ONLY dressing/filling/stuffing that I'll eat: casserole style,  my version made with croutons,  dried cranberries  and Hawaiian...
 HA!You know MaryB, I made this for just the two of us... There's rolls leftover, but the bacon is GONE! 
  Christmas Brunch Cook's Country recipe for "Quicker Cinnamon Buns" and BACON! Add a glass of milk, some juice and we're in Heaven!
Panettone French Toast for Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve American-Italian-Hawaiian Seven Fishes:   Cucumber Sushi, just because it goes so well with everything...     Imitation Krab Cocktail                             Shrimp Cocktail   Smoked Trout Crostini                             Limu Ahi Poke   Shoyu Ahi Poke                                      Lomi Lomi Salmon   Anchovy Mini Pizza                                    Our Christmas Eve Table   Mele Kalikimaka, Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!   ENJOY!
I would ask @Koukouvagia
I've "Pinned" that to my account, very cool idea.   I also have these on my board: Trash Bags stored under the kitchen counter [Found on besimplyorganized.blogspot.ca]   [Found on todayshomeowner.com] That liquid Dish Soap dispenser on top  of your Kitchen counter runs out of soap SO FAST, and refilling it is a pain.. I have incorporated this idea in our home... a piece of tubing from the end of the pump- dispenser into that HUGE jug of soap from the...
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