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yup!+1hinode calrose rice, what I call just rice, always in our house... 
I've only made a pot roast a handful of times and I'll share with you the mistake I made: DON'T remove the meat from the braising liquor! Leave it rest for about 30 minutes, uncovered before transferring to a board. In addition, I learned to flip the meat over after the first hour of cooking.
@WillowsMoon the only type of rice I have at any given moment is what you would call sushi rice. Medium grain rice is on our table most nights, served steamed with shoyu and furikake on top, YUM! Sushi rice makes a wonderful pudding, but then it wouldn't be considered risotto would it, not using the arborio that is, but simply coconut rice pudding with mangos, which sounds lovely to me.
  my ti leaf plants didn't make it...
ALOHA! Welcome once again.         So glad that you're enjoying Chef Talk! A hui hou, k~girl
@Santona 1937 WHAT?  You were on Maui?  What did you think of the scene overall?  LOVE Lahaina, like a mini Waikiki, yeah?
@flipflopgirl ma chérie... like that?  use CT's special charater ... the symbols or the funny looking thing to the left of the smiley face in the menu ot tool bar above...
I'll take some of that duck! DH is working on Sunday, so we are having dinner out tonight with my mother, YAY!  I don't have to cook again!  I mean, aw shucks, I don't get to get all stressed out over making a huge meal for only three people, shopping, prepping, cooking, clean up, all done by myself!  oh wait, then you have to make sure that the house is 'white glove' clean on top of that, awwww shucks!
@flipflopgirl DH and I had planned on going to NOLA right after the food and wine festival (not knowing anything about it), had started to plan this trip back in January and had a heck of time finding anything then.  I did look at outside of the city, but even that was a bit pricey, best of luck, and PLEASE take a camera and take notes for a book report for the class ?  
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