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Speaking of photos of ourselves with our Father's     One of my favorite pictures, we adored each other
 Aloha KauaWelcome to youYou're funny! I'm sure that you're joking around, we all love a good laugh `round here. A ole pilikia, no trouble.A hui houuntil we meet
oh, okay... I was kinda referring to the Home Kitchen, but yeah, I can see where a gal would want to fit in working a Professional kitchen.
I don't see why not, I would wrap the extra loaf in parchment paper and then in heavy-duty tin foil, sealed really well, and as @flipflopgirl commented, tag it, nothing worst than the mystery package in the deep freeze a year later 
@petalsandcoco is that a bacon rosette? OH MY GRAVY! ... and did you use that fun looking poaching cups? 
 Hmmm, @petalsandcoco I can't say that I follow a recipe per say, I just roll out the pasta sheets with my KA attachment on the thich-ish side, ladle out maybe a cup or so of meat sauce into a casserole dish and start layering pasta, meat sauce, ricotta, mozzarella, repeat until the dish is full, cover with a piece of parchment paper and them seal tightly with tinfoil, bake at 350 for about 45 minutes, until the sauce is bubbling, remove the foil and bake for about 15 more...
http://boarshead.com/products/lower-sodium/357-small-33-lower-sodium-bologna   ... not too bad
http://www.msn.com/en-gb/foodanddrink/recipes/60plus-ideas-for-homemade-edible-gifts/ss-BBd8hvo?ocid=mailsignout#image=1   MMM, Chocolate covered BACON! I made several of these items on this list, I think the Limoncello was the biggest hit, GONE already 
HA! That's what my husband calls Hot Dogs! (we now eat the Boar's Head Frankfurters, yum)... and oops, yes Ed I did type that Boar's Head Bologna... my Dad would slice it thick and fry it up crispy around the edges and we'd eat it on soft-cheap-and-friendly store bread white bread (Wonder bread was more expensive) with French's yellow mustard on one side and mayo on the other, MMM! That was what he called 'church breakfast' after church in Sundays he'd make us kids that,...
for fried bologna, I usually buy Bear's Head, but I'm with chefedb, Taylor's Ham or Pork Roll, depending upon where you live, on a Amoroso roll
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