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ATK's recipe for Texas Sheet Cake is AWESOME @awestlaker and calls for a half sheet pan. I've got that here somewhere, but maybe you are already subscribed to America's Test Kitchen website?
  OOPS  I wasn't paying attention this morning while making Sunday Brunch. I also toasted the waffles a touch too, threw those in the trash and made scrambled eggs. The rest of the day wasn't any better, we went out to dinner 
@MaryB in our house we have alot of 'Stoups', soups with attitudes... loads of goodies and thickened broth, very hearty and filling.  I make a version of Rachael Ray's Stuffed Pepper Stoup, but probably not this year, Peppers were WAY too expensive this year.  Hmmm, really should try my hand at gardening again. 
I tried those bags for Crock Pots once, but I didn't think that it was all that great. Yeah, clean up was a breeze, but I agree with @Koukouvagia the thought of melted plastic surly isn't appetizing, especially since Mister K~girl has learned how to do dishes, including the pots and pans  baked goods serve as a great motivator 
We've been invited to the home of our dear friends and we will be doing a potluck as well. I'm not sure yet what dish Mrs. DF is assigning me as yet. She's not a cook, so she'll provide the libations 
 This is an Okinawan Sweet Potato, which is very popular in Hawaii.Simply boiled whole, chunked and served with Hawaiian foods, such as Kalua Pork, MMM.
My husband actually found this article on Yahoo Food and forwarded it on to me.   https://www.yahoo.com/food/30-qualities-of-a-good-home-cook-011745013.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=ma   I thought this was great! The only thing, I don't like doing dishes, but I do them anyway.   Well, more like I fill the automatic dishwasher and have convinced my husband that he needs to put all of the clean dishes away  
Right @jake t buds ?  Anything with BUTTER is A-OKAY by me    The weather turned last night and snow is in the forecast, this calls for more soup! But what to make? I went freezer diving and found an opened bag of shelled Fava Beans, HMMM. Now I know I saw some Pancetta in there too. And look what else I found, just a little bit of chopped Baby Spinach.   Minestrone Soup     I gathered some dried herbs as well, Thyme, Basil, Oregano and Parsley (don’t judge...
  My husband and I are waving good bye to Summer with  a beautifully grilled New York Strip Steak,  as well as grilled Asparagus and Baby Bella mushrooms,  oven roasted Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes and dessert will be those sinful Hawaiian Sea Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Brownies with chopped Pecans
Agreed Miss KK!!I made dinner with the squash last thursday evening for dinner and the soup was for lunch today, November 3rd.Repurposed leftovers if you will.
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