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Me thinks I need to try my hand at this.  Bacon does NOT last more than one day in our house and GEEEEZ!!! The price of the stuff, not to mention some of the stuff taste like, well, it rhymes with SAP!!
@jackie949 what she said!  @durangojo knows what she's talkin' about! http://www.cheftalk.com/a/my-evening-with-durangojo
... ya know Miss KK, I don't have any Greek friends and don't know too much about the Greek culture, I'm learin'   
oh shot! what's the name?  I've had it with rose water...
Free Samples?
@petalsandcoco it's a greek dessert right?  I know I've had this and I'm racking my brain for the name of it. It's served either rolled up or like a cake and cut into wedges...  
 @MikeLM I never thought about that before, but what a great topic for discussion.In Hawaii, all of the other cultures use boat loads of garlic in everything, but not the Pacific Islanders.I would think that it would be mainly what other country conquered that area and brought their ways with them.  But I can't think of any true Hawaiian dishes that call for garlic.Only with the fusion of cultures in Hawaii have brought about what folks think of as Hawaiian food today. I...
Aloha, welcome LukeG to Chef Talk. I see that you've chosen "Can't Boil Water" as your culinary experience, are you looking to become a caterer?  Do you have any experience cooking?  Just curious.   I'm sure that you know already how it works around here, but if you have questions in regards to the site itself, please post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.  Speaking of forums, the Professional Food Service forums are read only for those not employed in the...
Miss KK, what are you serving this salad with?  I mean, what is the menu for this shindig?
  This came out a while back.   ... so when you hit the reputaion in your profile (on the left with the little toque) the three numbers are: 1) "Reputation" = total reps 2)  "Reputation Recieved" = received reps from others 3)  "Unique Reputations" = total number of members who have given you reps   does that help @Cerise ?   If had other members ask me the same question, it took me a couple of times of re-reading to understand it myself
New Posts  All Forums: