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 My braddah Yeti, we're in a part of Arizona with fire restrictions, no open fires, even home grills... WAY too dry here and we've only had a few spits of our seasonal Monsoon Rains as yet.  But yeah, I would so buy me a small hibachi, I'm jonesing for some Guava Chicken!AND, I gotta say, I LOVE Persian food! That sounds so ONO!!
 That'll make me happy Miss KK!Might you have any snapshots o make us all drool?
a little shy on the ice cream there @Hank , that's a big bowl, filler' up! 
@eastshores where you been ?  So nice to see you and MAN! that plate looks outstanding!
 @teamfat that's some screamin' hot coals there AND a water hose, good call!
Miss KK, that large squash would make one make of a bowl of Zoodles! A little pesto or marinara or even just a drizzle of good olive oil ad that's dinner.      
Buba, I've never picked up the jarred stuff, but I will and do a THREE WAY taste test, for sure!AND I went to that "Asian Market"s site, did you see that new way to make Musubi?I'm on it! we have a road trip coming up and that will be breakfast on the road! 
  I actually have a package of Noh's Char Siu seasoning in the cupboard!I have already copy&paste'd your recipe MJB and will do a side-by-side, once we have a DANG GRILL that is... mahalo!
  I know it's the Summer and I probably shouldn't be making such  a heavy, hot, unctuous meal, but I am running out of ideas in a limited home kitchen... Chicken Cacciatore with thick Spaghetti  DIVINE!  a side salad, nice bread from TJ's,  a jug of wine and ...  well it is Saturday night afterall 
my braddah @ChefBillyB you know brah! be thankful, be humble, be real, always! dats how brah! a hui hou, until we meet...
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