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@abaff410 see how I did that? when you start to type @someonesname,  a box will open, click on the name that you want in the blue box, and it will highlight or link that person and send them a notice that they were "mentioned" and then reply in kind to you...
@KarenAndAndrew maybe you'd like to join in with a vegan entry to this month's Challenge? (aloha, welcome btw)
OH MY GOSH! You're right @teamfat , I hadn't thought about it...  Okay everyone, put your thinking caps and aprons on,  the count down begins,  NOW!
@MaryB now wouldn't THAT be a fantastic Challenge, GRAVY! (my favorite food group )
My SIL has this     and starts it on the stove top and puts it in the oven,  would that work as well?
 MMM, potatoes anyway you want to put them on my plate, oh and add the gravy and I'm in HEAVEN!
WOW! The Crock Pot® turned 75 years old today! How perfect is this?
@scribble why don't you post your recipe so that the Community could get a better idea of they could help. This is the Recipe Forum after all 
@dantech actually I did look up Kishka as well as curcuma    @chefbuba OH MY BBQ SAUCE ALL OVER!  That is a seductive sandwich. How did it do on the truck?
@Koukouvagia I'll give that a go   @ChefEd what did you stuff the pears with?   @abaff410 great dessert.  Was that at home?
New Posts  All Forums: