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Pics, photos, snapshots... Folks, let's SEE your completed dish descriptions are just words a picture says a thousand words! Baked BBQ Chicken thighs, baked beans and sweet corn Happy 4th! Not bad for limited equipment, eh?
Mate, I don't even have that here in our rental, NOTHING!I wanted to make BBQ Chicken for July 4th, but all I could manage was BAKED BBQ Chickenluckily I brought a quarter and half sheet pan with us and a couplautensils and my best chefs knife, otherwise, it would be 2 saucepans, a 12" skillet, a manual crank can opener and a corkscrew, that's all that the landlord provided!
  Dessert the other night out with friends, Taco Tuesday  Cheesecake Chimi oh my
Well, I'm out! We're renting an apartment for about 5-6 months while our new home is being built. No grilling apparatus of any kind here and ALL of my stuff is packed away in storage. *sniff* BUT! One of my favorite things to grill ...  Half-sized Chicken Teriyaki Skewers, maybe 3 bites. Now mind you @JAH42 this is NOT an entry, because this photo is from awhile back, but I just love this shot and wanted to share it. Made this platter of goodness for a...
  I saw this on Face Book today,  what a super idea! Stay food safe my friends ... and Happy 4th of July
@morning glory GREAT JOB! What a fabulous challenge and so well hosted, thank you!
@JAH42 brother (or Sister) you had me at POTATO! OMG! What a mouthwatering photo! Kudos, I look forward to your choice in July's Challenge...
Some good lookin' stuff goin' on here folks!
I confess: As the cook in our house, there are times when I hide food from others, like if there's only a small bit of something or another and I don't want to share it. For instance, we went out to lunch and ordered Philly-style Cheesesteak sandwiches.  I can never eat the whole thing. I asked for a piece of tin foil to bring the other half home. As soon as we got home, I stashed it in the vegetable drawer in the `fridge, DH doesn't go in there! Can you say midnight...
New Posts  All Forums: