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  We're in Honolulu once again and eating all the bounty of the  Sea and Land.  Tonight is Ahi Limu Poke, Tako Onion Poke,  Smoked Tako, leftover Huli Huli Chicken thighs that I made,  and steamed rice with furikake and shoyu, oh and from the local farmer's market, Japanese Cucumbers made in to a quick Kim Chee.        YUM!  This is WAY ONO!! ALOHA!
Life, sometimes it'll hit you in the face pretty hard, but with furry companionship, we all seem to muddle through, don't we?
@teamfat I'm SO there!!  Spam Jam in Waikiki! 
@panini that is fabulous news!  IMHO, he does look like a Norman... oh man! Now I can't get the sound of Katharine Hepburn, "...Norman ... you old poop ..."
    I watched a recent episode of America's Test Kitchen, season 14: Quick and Easy Rib Dinner MAN! That was GOOD! A copy&paste from their website:     Serves 4 to 6 Try one of the glaze recipes (see related content), or use 1 cup of your favorite glaze or barbecue sauce. INGREDIENTS 2tablespoons salt 2(2-pound) racks baby back or loin back ribs, trimmed, membrane removed, and each rack cut in half 1recipe glaze (see related...
Oh my gosh, I just now got that!
Have you seen the cost of a Major league Baseball Game? GEEZ!
NICE Buba!
@eastshores WOW man!  what a great job, really
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