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*bump* I had half a pot of Rice leftover, so I made Fried Rice I fried up, real crisp, little chunks of goodness called SPAM! Next into the pan was some green and sweet white onions,  scrambled eggs that were also leftover and then the rice. At the end, off heat, a goodly shake of Furikake and a drizzle of Sesame Oil. Top it all off with a fried Egg, ONO!
Y'know, it depends upon where we are... East Coast it's Hellmans West Coast is Best Foods Hawaii, always Kewpie in the South it's Blue Plate and in Europe (Mayo, mustard and hot mustard in a tube, so cool and tasty) is Thomy But gotta say, Kraft (of any kind) or Miracle Whip - never!  
Pics, photos, snapshots... Folks, let's SEE your completed dish descriptions are just words a picture says a thousand words! Baked BBQ Chicken thighs, baked beans and sweet corn Happy 4th! Not bad for limited equipment, eh?
Mate, I don't even have that here in our rental, NOTHING!I wanted to make BBQ Chicken for July 4th, but all I could manage was BAKED BBQ Chickenluckily I brought a quarter and half sheet pan with us and a couplautensils and my best chefs knife, otherwise, it would be 2 saucepans, a 12" skillet, a manual crank can opener and a corkscrew, that's all that the landlord provided!
  Dessert the other night out with friends, Taco Tuesday  Cheesecake Chimi oh my
Well, I'm out! We're renting an apartment for about 5-6 months while our new home is being built. No grilling apparatus of any kind here and ALL of my stuff is packed away in storage. *sniff* BUT! One of my favorite things to grill ...  Half-sized Chicken Teriyaki Skewers, maybe 3 bites. Now mind you @JAH42 this is NOT an entry, because this photo is from awhile back, but I just love this shot and wanted to share it. Made this platter of goodness for a...
  I saw this on Face Book today,  what a super idea! Stay food safe my friends ... and Happy 4th of July
@morning glory GREAT JOB! What a fabulous challenge and so well hosted, thank you!
@JAH42 brother (or Sister) you had me at POTATO! OMG! What a mouthwatering photo! Kudos, I look forward to your choice in July's Challenge...
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