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http://www.worldmarket.com/product/flavors-of-hawaii-coconut-syrup.do I prefer this brand of Coconut Syrup
BAHAHAHA! I just got my W-S Holiday Catalog too, and now I have narrative in my head every time I look at it! Too funny!
The other stock that I keep in my deep freeze (in the same manner as @chefbuba)  is Vegetable.  And a big yes to NO SALT ADDED.   I portion mine in 1 cup sizes as well in an ice cup tray, which is approximately 1 Tablespoon (mine is anyways). We've dramatically cut back on our salt consumption, so I stopped using any of the jarred/dried stuff, too salty for us.
King's Bakery was on,  of all places, King Street in Honolulu! I found this at one the mega-marts near  us and my first thought was of HOME!!! Back home we just call this Portuguese Sweet Bread. I opened the package and took a long,  deep smell of this gorgeous bread and then  got to work. Sliced it an inch thick and doused it in my favorite recipe for the custard.   Now you need something to go along with your french toast right? What else but Portuguese...
AGREED! The only time I throw food out is if it's spoiled, otherwise I eat it with a BIG glass of water. It's food, if it's "bland" maybe try some salt and pepper, some sort of spice or herb, or a condiment ,,, isn't that why ketchup was invented?
oops, forgot this...
I have fresh eggs from my friend in Northern AZ,  and she shares with me all the time. Sometimes they're too pretty to cook with.
For Sunday Brunch today, I served Grill-Smoked Salmon using ATK's recipe, along with  scrambled eggs with snipped chives and cherry tomatoes... I couldn't get a picture `cuz DH's fork was int he way! 
I've never tried Dutch Babies before, I'm inspired!  I like the idea of the sweet/savory apples too
Like our Doctor told us the other day, EAT LOADS OF DIFFERENT COLORS! Miss KK, that looks wonderful.  Is that Purple Cauliflower? I've never seen THAT color before.     I was browsing through the MegaMart the other day,  and spied Shake N Bake... I haven't made that in years, why not!
New Posts  All Forums: