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How about a Pumpkin Crunch?I'll be making that next month, I like it better than Pumpkin Pie.
@Sharonk325, I too have recently started a search for the perfect home stove/range.   First off, welcome to ChefTalk!  This is great place for the Home Cook to connect with the Professional Chef.   Do you have a budget, or is the sky the limit at this point? Gas or Electric? or how about a duel-fuel range? Drop in cooktop or one piece range? Is there room in the budget for any construction or is it as is-retro fit?
Bruschetta versus Crostini ?   I make alot of different toppings for toasted or grilled rustic bread as a starter or even a heavy snack; a great way to introduce vegetables.   Howsabout: A schmear of Goat cheese topped with sauteed rapini with loads of garlic and red pepper flakes A thin slice of Fontina cheese with roasted sweet peppers in beautiful olive oil Homemade Green olive tapanade
@Dagger, now I know that you didn't mention Sweet Potatoes, but I seem to have them on my mind. I was watching Mary Ann Esposito, Ciao Italia on our local PBS station and she made Sweet Potato Gnocchi tossed with melted butter, chopped Walnuts and crushed Amaretti Cookies on top, MMM! That just screams Fall cooking to me. 
@butzy I would love to try out that jaffle iron!     My husband helped me make this last week, but finally got a chance to sit down (WAY too busy lately), I wanted to drop by the Challenge. DH rolled out the dough for me and peeled the Apples, did you feel the Earth move btw?   He did a great job. That was his first time in the kitchen, REALLY!        Apple Crostata with chopped Pecans My husband's new favorite Apple Pie   I used Martha Stewart's Pate...
Russets are wonderful for: Gnocchi Twice baked Potatoes Load Potato Skins Garlic Fries Potato Chips Soups Breads (I have my great grandmother’s recipe for Portuguese Sweet bread that she made with potatoes, or what folks call today King’s Hawaiian Bread and Rolls)
  Back home in Honolulu Korean lunch/dinner... "Linner" we couldn't eat any more  there were 'appetizers' of tofu and a spinach salad too that I didn't get  I can't believe we ate it all!
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKn9MXwd6GA&list=PLLx38H9QToi6kwQqL83spHtbnQ6cxDmlj&index=1 always on my mind ALOHA!
  My husband and I went home to Hawaii again for the month of May 2015 (If you don't know, I was born and raised here and left 8 years ago after retirement) OH MY GAWD! I love it, but I just can't stay here again, it breaks my heart, but it's just too expensive.
@Lagom , that's a good idea, I hadn't thought about that! I think that my GF could get me some customers/referrals, but I want to be sure that I have the right info for that community as well. I am humbled that you think that I've got the 'chops' too, thank you friend.
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