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I confess: I have been known to eat a hot dog, cold, right out of the `fridge... no micro, no heat involved at all ... no bun... oh wait, I will on occassion take a piece of Kraft American Cheese and wrap that around said cold hot dog... oh my god that's really good!   I confess: I LOVE canned Vienna Sausage, cold, straight from the can or hot-pan fried to a yummy crispiness with fried eggs and steamed white rice... doesn't matter, either way ...   I confess: I...
  Not the best photo, but...   I love this dish, Namasu great as a side dish, on sandwiches ...   1 Hot House or English Cucumber, thinly sliced (do not peel) 1 large Carrot, peel & thinly slice 1 Daikon or White Radish, peel & thinly slice 1 Tbsp. Sea Salt (or Kosher Salt, which ever you have) 1 inch piece of fresh Ginger Root, peeled & course chopped ½ C. Rice Wine Vinegar ½ C. granulated Sugar Water as needed In a small saucepan, heat the vinegar; remove...
 We love pickled vegetables!I season the rice with this:rather than the bottled sushi vinegar orseasoned vinegar, this way it's not to moist but still has that nice acidic tang. You might enjoy this article:  
  Gee nobody's made Sushi yet? I give you shredded Carrot and Cucumber Maki Sushi, MMM! I use a powdered Sushi Vinegar to keep  the rolls from getting to sticky, gummy or wet... perfect every time!
Don't you have anyone tagging @Nicko ?
 Mike, I really like this patterned dish, what is it? and where did you get it?
WOW!Those berries look WAY better than the ones I've been getting herein the middle of the desert from California!
   You two crack me up! Yesterday my husband dropped the cap to his tube of toothpaste down the bathroom drain... "HELP ME!"I reached into my kitchen drawer, pulled out a pair of my "chinese-take-out-cheap-o" bamboo chopsticks and extracted his toothpaste cap, VOILA!
Tell me again buba, you're outside of Portland is it? I put this on my calendar so that we are sure to be around for next years harvest, for sure!
@chefbuba now I know I love you, when can I move in?! Living here in the middle of the desert has been VERY  rough getting and sort of seafood! So that is beyond food porn for me ... 
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