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Like our Doctor told us the other day, EAT LOADS OF DIFFERENT COLORS! Miss KK, that looks wonderful.  Is that Purple Cauliflower? I've never seen THAT color before.     I was browsing through the MegaMart the other day,  and spied Shake N Bake... I haven't made that in years, why not!
@BettyR do you think that this about the right amount of oil then?
WOW! So many mahalos (thanks) MikeLM!  I saw that in the 'Flyer' that I just got and was thinking about a cheese platterfor Christmas Eve.  Now I know NOT to add that one.  I tried TJ's Gruyère as well as the Double Cream Gouda, YOWZAH!DELISH! 
I found this and will add the cookie recipe of the back of the package to my Christmas Cookie repertoire this year. I just love cooking and baking at this time of the year! Not real sure where we will be for Christmas or New Year, so I'm going to be well prepared in any case.
 HA! I have a bottle of Prosecco in the `fridge, but no OJ, this video is perfect timing MJB!
  Let the holiday baking begin!
Round two of Gumbo-ish with steamed rice and scallions
  Oh my gravy all over my two scoop rice (that's OMG! in my world) In Hawaii, for Brunch (Breakfast, lunch, which ever) we eat what's leftover from the day before... really, we're not too much on the whole egg thing ... Beef Stew and (steamed) Rice is a BIG THING! My favorite recipe is from the grocery store that I shopped at, but actually, everyone makes it this way. We leave for work SOOOOO early in the morning that lunch is BRUNCH every day! (my lunch hour was...
Hmmm, since Betty has not returned to CT in some time,  I wonder if there is a way to some how "add" to the recipes directions? What do you think @flipflopgirl ?
  Hawaiian Fried Rice made with whatever leftover tidbits in the `fridge... This has some diced Roast Pork, Char Siu, Teri-Chicken, Scrambled Eggs, white Onion,  a shake or two of Furikake, some Shoyu and then topped with sliced Green Onions MMM! Now THAT'S comfort food for me! I make this dish alot for brunch, it has it all in one pan.
New Posts  All Forums: