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What a fabulous idea!  Thanks @Koukouvagia for sharing that piece
Isn't that the way mjb?It's all in the preparation, don't you think?That and if they don't see what's going into a dish, well all the better 
nice ES! our house smells fantastic! I made a chicken broccoli stir fry, the aroma of garlic, ginger and sesame oil is intoxicating 
oh man, @ChicagoTerry that looks divine! I was just looking a a 2pound clamshell of California Blueberries today, thinking about a Coffee Cakes ala Martha Stewart
hmmm, Miss KK, beets + mayonnaise = happy k~girl my mom use to give us kids ice cold canned sliced pickled beets with a nice dollop of mayo, or better yet sour cream...YUM!
very timely post @IceMan
Now... I've got loads of this buttermilk leftover (we're not fans of the stuff) so I was thinkin' ... Chocolate Buttermilk Pie maybe on Monday?
oh my gosh buba, I shared this cake with three of our neighbors; they all called later in the evening to say how much they liked this cake!
Welcome to Chef Talk Paul. I’m sure that you’ve already found that the membership here is from all around the world, with skill levels varying from Professionals to Home Cooks and everything in between. Feel free to join in the conversation or start your own relevant thread.   An added note on that, the Professional Food Service forums are for the chefs, folks not employed in the industries are asked to read only there. You might want to utilize the Search bar at the...
New Posts  All Forums: