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Panettone French Toast for Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve American-Italian-Hawaiian Seven Fishes:   Cucumber Sushi, just because it goes so well with everything...     Imitation Krab Cocktail                             Shrimp Cocktail   Smoked Trout Crostini                             Limu Ahi Poke   Shoyu Ahi Poke                                      Lomi Lomi Salmon   Anchovy Mini Pizza                                    Our Christmas Eve Table   Mele Kalikimaka, Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!   ENJOY!
I would ask @Koukouvagia
I've "Pinned" that to my account, very cool idea.   I also have these on my board: Trash Bags stored under the kitchen counter [Found on besimplyorganized.blogspot.ca]   [Found on todayshomeowner.com] That liquid Dish Soap dispenser on top  of your Kitchen counter runs out of soap SO FAST, and refilling it is a pain.. I have incorporated this idea in our home... a piece of tubing from the end of the pump- dispenser into that HUGE jug of soap from the...
 How do I make the FoodSaver not pull too much air?  There's no "control" on my machine, just a "seal" and "vacuum" button... and I LOVE IT!  Every trip to Costco is followed by a session with my FoodSaver to put away all of the meats that we buy in bulk.
@teamfat MAN, STOP IT!  I need one of those "ugly biscuits" with loads of butter and some Blackberry Jam, MMM!  and then that sausage gravy, I could eat that by it's self, oh well, maybe on steamed White Rice, and Chicken Fried Bacon? STOP! and salad, WHAT?!   @chefbuba yeah, +1 on posting your Salmon Cakes here   and @Hank, Taylor's Ham?!!    I gotta dream up something different to step up to the Challenge... 10 days left ...
I totally forgot! @rpooley  WELCOME!!! 
  Mimi, I tried using the Food Saver on my baked cookies andit sucked out too much air and the were crushed  I was reading somewhere to wrap each cookie in plastic wrap and then into a container, then into the deep freeze, but...that's WAY too much work for me when I'm makingdozens and dozens of cookies at a time  
@Hank I love the black bean idea, DH is not a fan, but I am. For him, I make them filled simply with shredded Chicken, chopped Hatch Chiles and Green Enchilada Sauce and then top with the same Sauce, shredded Cheese and more chopped Chiles  
@chefbuba stellar as usual, but Chicken Fried BACON with Milk Gravy, you had me at Fried!   @Hank, any sauce in the inside of those Enchiladas? Looks like cheese on the outside, right?     Hawaiian Plate Lunch Special again tonight: Hamburger Steak with a Mushroom and Sweet Onion Gravy, I doubled the Gravy recipe so that I could douse  the steamed White Rice, oh and I steamed some  Haricot Verts and drizzled some Olive Oil and fresh Garlic over them. ONO!!
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