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braddah, we're not judging here, but mahalo, thanks for the tip
I'd like to see that mjb!
Roast Pig, MMM!  not sure which part of the piggy I like to go for first...
... I'll bring the salad
Bo Ssam I had to look that one up, butYEAH!How did you serve this lovely ordo?I really miss Korean foods here in the middle of the desert.
@butzy could you share those yummy sounding pies as well?I can always go for nice meat pie.
WELCOME! D-Dan!Wowie ka-zowie!What a magnificent first post at ChefTalk, and that brisket looks sumptuous!
mjb, you that Soy Sauce is one of my weak points! Well played!(love bok choi btw)
Good to know guys!So could I use my Food Saver, and crock pot and an inexpensive PID temp controller to join the game?
I meant ask Jarmo, what is dl? also is there a difference between Greek and Turkish yogurt?I've not seen Turkish yogurt in the US before, but yes on Greek. 
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