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ya neva know braddah, ya neva know! (english translation, you never know brother, you never know)
If you could see your way clear @Koukouvagia could you post your recipe, including the drizzle, I think I'd like to try this at home once we have our dietary clearance... 
... a French Dip too? OY!  I like mine with very crisp French fries and then dip them too in the au jus and maybe some coleslaw as the token greenery on my plate ... Oh, was there any mashed potatoes involved with the Open Faced Sandwich? :sigh: 
 WOW dantech, that is love in a Crock Pot® my friend!I did have to "Google" some of the ingredients.I hope that  @Mezzaluna saw this too.
 I only wish I had one like that! That is some kinda a wonderful looking protein that I hope you made a hunk-a-dough on this afternoon ChefBuba
we may need to try this recipe, I was thinking of serving this dish with Israeli Couscous 
HMMM, in the recesses of my mind, I seem to recall a recipe of a stew of sorts with dried apricots, I really do like dried fruits, but cherries I really like the most
duly noted... this dish makes me think of a Russian version of Italian Wedding Soup of sorts... 
AGREED mjb!That unctuous, velvety, fabulous glean of fat that you get when you simmer something very so slowly; all that labor of love that home cooks have, the luxury of TIME to do what the Professional Chefs do not.  Time is money, Money is Time.  I've got WAAAAY more time than I do money these days. I can now afford to have a HUGE pot of something or another going for days on end to extract all of that lovely goodness. THIS is why I adore the slow cooking resurgence  of...
oh, and @MaryB what else did you create with your leftover Roast Beef, did I miss the open faced Hot Roast Beef sandwich photo? Boy howdy, I haven't started dinner yet and I just made my own mouth water... 
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