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@adriyaya how will you be packing your kiddos lunch? Box or bag, ice packs, thermos? hot or cold foods? And then the biggest question of all... what does your child like?  Kids can be persnickety and toss that bagged lunch in the nearest recpticle  just as soon as you pull away from the curb after dropping them off at school.
yes, they are exactly the same product Amazon is good for us home cooks,  I don't need a dozen stainless steel chopsticks  
      @LasagnaBurritoThese two products would be considered "sieves", at least the the USA, not sure where you are located...
  I was just looking at getting one of these for "No Knead Bread" recipes. There have been several threads on CT in regards to this topic       I hope this helps you @LasagnaBurrito
Yes @Nicko I was adding those stainless steel chopsticks on http://www.cheftalk.com/t/89729/chopsticks#post_539855 HEH! It worked!
  love to cook with these!
For the past couple of days, I've been trying to "tag" some products and each time I encounter " ... Huddler is up dating the site ... try again later ..." Hmmm, am I doing something wrong?
1+ @Pete Oh My!
http://www.smokedbbqsource.com/best-bbq-blogs-2016/   I follow this great BBQ blog, and wow! With the season upon us, why not take a look at what some folks are talking about.
  My girl friend made Hummus Deviled Eggs for Memorial Day Weekend spread... instead of Mayo she used hummus, dried mustard, S&P and a garnish of paprika ... they were delicious!     Made even that much better that she raises  organic chickens who lay wonderful eggs!     .. and I finally tried wasabi in my deviled egg @petalsandcoco very tasty! (also smoked paprika, mmm)
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