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 Howdaya do @helloitslucas ? Was your GF able to join you?I'd love to see any photos that you may have taken on T-Day, even though technically you're no longer just a Home Cook  
Oh my gosh @eastshores gorgeous, all I need with that is some butta
Okay @eastshores I'll help to get this party started.   This is the recipe for home cooks, that our Niece-in-law sent me.   We were video-chatting one day and she was telling me,  as well as showing me this recipe as she made it. She had the remnants of the loaf that she had baked that morning and it looked so good, I had to try it,  with my own twist though.   The Family’s Amazing Bread 3 C AP flour 1 ¾ tsp Course Kosher Salt ½ tsp Active Yeast 1 ½ C Water,...
 I gotta help out my girl!    Steak Pizzaiola, pasta, salad, bread, wine... your good.(make a little extra sauce for the pasta, it's truly yummy)
Pickled Green beans orGarlic Dilly Beans for Mom
 Yes Ma'am, Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo, I always think of Justin, "I guarantee" makes me chuckle.
Great ideas, only wish that someone ELSE in our family cooked  It's all me I do make somethings ahead of time, but by-in-large, I stress it, alot!   Just the other day, I made a dish that I must have made 100 times, Garlic Mochiko Chicken Oops!  Burnt and not edible... Not all home cooks get it perfect
 Miss KK, have you turn vegan or is that as a gift for someone who is?  HA! DH is hysterical when he comes to me to 'redeem' one of his coupons...  ALOHA FF!!  Nice to hear from you, thanks btw.  I was watching PBC one afternoon, and Martha Stewartwas on with her "Cooking School" I guess it's called and she made this.  Very simple, coarse kosher salt, that's it, but loads of it packed as tight as you can get it.  My Mother no longer lives withina few miles of us any...
… but we sure try! Thanksgiving dinner has eluded me, I stress each year.       The turkey I think I’ve nailed. I follow Ted Allen’s lead.     The stuffing, well, I make it now in a casserole with a “cheat recipe” that is wonderful with some added sauteed Portuguese Sausage, at least my family loves it.        The sides aren’t all that bad.       And dessert, well, that’s a hit or miss, it just depends.   Listen, not everyone is a Professional Chef...
Deluxe Hershey's Best Brownies with a bit of Espresso added chocolate bits and nuts on top rather than mixed in and melted Vanilla Candy Melts® drizzled over the lot     
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