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  Bruschetta  I saw a recipe somewhere that had grated cheese, hmmm... so... homemade italian bread rubbed with a garlic clove topped with heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil,  garlic, olive oil, grated garna padano and s&p FANTASTIC!
oh, and the meringue was fun, but I was so nervous, that was the first time I tried something like that... I spread out maybe 1/3 of the meringue to seal the filling and then I used a Wilton 1M tip with the rest, s'okay right?  I really could have gotten the meringue a bit stiffer though, I think... the peaks weren't as 'perfect' as I would have liked.... but then that's why you practice on your family  HA!
@flipflopgirl I don't think there's any restrictions, I think anyways... I sure would love some Meyer Lemons. The green grocer `round these parts sells `em for $2.99 per pound.
Picking up on @flipflopgirl 's line of thought ...      I'll vote for Home-infused Cherry Vodka (I started with Smirnoff when it was on sale) I served Cherry-tini as our signature drink, at a cocktail party we threw a few weeks ago in fact, utilizing the whole cherries as the garnish, it was a huge hit. I still have a pint left in the freezer Mimi, come on over!
     DH's Birthday made all from scratch, Meyer Lemon Meringue Pie It was delicious, and I don't really care lemon pie.
@ordo , I thought that when I opened that YouTube of your Cannelloni, I'd see a big bite...DING!  I'll remember to add that to one of my next posts! 
@alaminute I am so sorry for your loss.  I know I haven't been around these parts much, but I do stop by every so often.  How are you and your family doing at this point?
@flipflopgirl thanks for that my Sistah!
@ordo mahalos, thanks for that buddy! @Hank, why yes, yes he does!  @Koukouvagia, thanks for the welcome back girlfriend!  The two other pans of Lasagna went into the deep freezer for a future meal.
YO my CT peeps!  I haven't been around much, kinda under the weather so to speak... so I toggled back over all of the photos of this thread, KAZOWIE!  You guys rock it!       Busy, busy, busy today, so I found a coupla leftover provolone & pancetta stuffed chicken breasts that I had made a bit back and made these into hearty supper sandwiches on hard rolls, some lettuce and slice tomatoes.  A side salad, a hand full of kettle chips and dessert later this evening.
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