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    I think I've changed my mind about eating ANYTHING !!      HA!! 
I did not know this:   Types of Vegetarian Diets Whether or not you can eat eggs depends largely on the type of vegetarian diet that you follow. Semi-vegetarian and pescetarian diets allow for the consumption of eggs, as well as some animal or fish meats. Among pure vegetarians, lacto-ovo vegetarians eat eggs and dairy products, but no meat, poultry or fish. Ovo vegetarians also eat eggs, but do not include dairy in their diet. In contrast, lacto vegetarians eat dairy...
Every year, I buy a mustard at Honey Baked Ham, Honey Mustard. It's wonderful as a dip for Chicken fingers, used in a homemade vinaigrette, a great glaze for fish, chicken or ham, pre-coating on all matter of protein prior to breadcrumbs and frying, etc. This mustard has a fabulous sweet-sour-tart-spicy flavor, but not over powering at all. One bottle of it goes a long way. Oh and @Koukouvagia, great topic! MAHALO!
No problemo!
http://www.engadget.com/2016/05/04/kfc-flavored-nail-polish/   OH MY GAWD! Finger lickin' gross is right! KFC is releasing two "flavors" of Nail Polish in Hong Kong,  Original Recipe as well as Hot and Spicy.   You gotta watch this ad ... 
ooohhh @ChicagoTerry ... I bookmarked that site and will be reading more in depth later ... I like frugal! like I said, I fed my husband and I on very little money for the entire day's worth of food when we were first married, I think I'd like to try it again.  My new trick is to not buy anything other than fresh necessities for a month, twice a year, just use whatever is in the freezer, `fridge and pantry...I saved a bundle! oops, off topic ... back to your regularly...
 I'd like to preface this recipe and say, the bread crumbs and chicken broth were madewith all leftover tidbits and old bread that would have been tossed, which I don't do, I save these things in zipbags in the freezer to make bread crumbsand broth/stock, so it didn't cost me... okay, I'm really frugal   
@teamfat good point as well! How long do you leave your fresh pasta to dry mjb? I have instructions from my in-laws to leave it for the majority of the day, "on the dining room tablecloth and cover with another cloth". HMMM Me thinks it's just about time to make another HUGE batch of RAVS
@kokopuffs right... he said that there's less ash and so forth to clean out. I myself have not cooked on this rig ... this is a friend that lives here in our area who's  also from Hawaii.
I'll throw my hat in!   Tuna "not like the lunch hall" Casserole        ½ lb. Barilla Medium Shells $1.40/lb = $0.70 (I buy mine on sale $1.00/lb) 1 Tbsp. Olive Oil $12.00/2liters at Costco = $0.10 4 Tbsp. Butter $2.24/lb at Costco = $0.28 1 C. minced Onion $0.99 1 C. minced Celery  $0.30 ½ C. minced Red Bell Pepper $0.44 1 Tbsp. Flour $0.52 ½ C. Dry White Wine (like Charles Shaw Sauvignon Blanc $2.99/750ml) $0.50 ½ C. Chicken broth Homemade $0.00 1 C. Half...
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