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@eastshores OH MY BEAUTIFUL BIRDIE!    Almost everyone in my neighborhood growing up had a Kamado and didn't think twice about it, it was just what you used to grill, BBQ and smoke. Try using kiawe wood if you can get it and then smoke a turkey, WOW! (I brought back some chips from Hawaii and closely guard them)   But I digress ...    My braddah, that is the bomb diggity and beyond ...  The soy and the honey I think did it, yeah? Beautiful color and most obviously...
 Very nice! very nice indeed, and I yes, I would agree, seems Middle Eastern in origin, maybe yogurt that sour cream ... but delicious none the less.
 Now WHY no Earth would you not want to post this absolutely STUNNING roast dinner Miss KK?So slow, so gentle, a plate of caring love for your family, and my dear husband would n't say that was over done at all!
@Mike9, DUDE!  I became very religious there for a second ... Holy Crap! You could have served that Ragu on my old shoe and I'd def-def-definitely eat that man   YEAH, that's what I'm talkin' about!
  This what it's like where I come from  ... Miss Raiatea Helms singing Ho'onanea which translates to English as Relax ... ENJOY!
Well, having grown up on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean,  a party was when someone got out their big cooler, a chair, some tunes or an instrument (an ukulele or guitar to make your own music) went into their carport out front, got themselves comfy, the rest of the neighbors came over with their cooler, chair and some sort of music. Someone else brought over the charcoal grill with some of the fish that they just caught on their boat,  another guy's got...
GUYS! The month isn't over yet... we've still got all day today, and then 4 more days... still no dessert @flipflopgirl eh-hemmm! AND another veg would be great!   @teamfat  I missed that , 2hour pasta HA!   @eastshores whatcha got, whatcha got?   @Nate braddah, you know that you can submit more than one dish, right    @GeneMachine I kinda figured on P-D's bread being on the table as well , what type? I was thinking a nice dark bread with a dark beer? OH MY! I...
I like that @chefbuba , one foot on the floor at all times! I like to have everything DONE by the time folks arrive  at our house, and this may be a good point for @TheDavidTerry seeing as you don't have a co-host so to speak, or HEH! Co host with another guy and trade off who's house it's at and then who's doing the cooking  who's 'minding the guests' ... food for thought 
How about activities for your little one? If he's going to be cooped up for a long period of time, it'll most likely safe your and your husband's sanity  As to cooking, I like MaryB's idea of clean out the `fridge kinda cookin' `specially if you lose power. You're a great cook Miss KK, I'm sure that you will be able to feed your family with what you have on hand. The markets will probably be out of their goods for a while too, so...
I agree with everything @Koukouvagia said. I never think twice about how I'm going to entertain guests.  Folks go to someones home for a dinner party, (it is a dinner party right? not a themed party, or a Bridal/Baby Shower with games?) with the idea that they'll mingle, chit-chat, have a cocktail,  have a nice meal and go home.
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