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  Hawaiian Fried Rice made with whatever leftover tidbits in the `fridge... This has some diced Roast Pork, Char Siu, Teri-Chicken, Scrambled Eggs, white Onion,  a shake or two of Furikake, some Shoyu and then topped with sliced Green Onions MMM! Now THAT'S comfort food for me! I make this dish alot for brunch, it has it all in one pan.
 HA! I had to look that up... you nailed that one though @teamfat 
Just as a side note, I made the mistake once and only once in brining chicken that had been "Enhanced with up to 8% solution of water and kosher salt"... OOPS! Now, I'm sure that you have a fresh bird, that has not already been treated in any way 
We just finished our brunch and I sat down at the computer...     The star of the plate: Taylor Ham or PorkRoll pan fried, crisp Toasted English Muffins (store bought) Scrambled Eggs with snipped Chives and sliced Cherry Tomatoes MMM!
http://devouredphoenix.com/   I've been looking forward to this, I've never been. A little pricey, but I think that I'll just go to one event.
@flipflopgirl there have been so many folks that have asked the same question of this recipe,  so I thought that I'd do a little experiment...     I took down my OXO Good Grip Angled 2 cup measuring cup, filled it with Whole Milk (generic store brand) to 1 1/4 cup,  then added to that same measuring cup of milk,  2 Tablespoons plus 1/2 teaspoon of Vegetable Oil (again, generic store brand) this equaled 1 1/3 cup total... what do you think sis?
 Ummm, if I'm in a bubble bath, won't I be in my BIRTHDAY SUIT?!   HA!Hmm, now you've got me thinkin'... would a porron work with sparkling wine, I meanafter all, you are indulging in a BUBBLE bath 
Oh my gawd @ordo how did it taste?
yup @Koukouvagia I'd eat that, it looks great, I bet the house smelled divine too!
Gumbo-ish is what I'm calling this soup   The players are: Homemade Chicken Broth Diced-Red Bell Peppers, Carrots, Celery, Onions, Kielbasa, boneless Chicken Minced Garlic Frozen Chopped Okra S&P, dried Thyme and Parsley (I didn't have any fresh), Cayenne Pepper, Bay Leaves (I use my Shoyu Dishes for my Herbs and Spices) Oh, and not pictured here, a can of diced Tomatoes and if needed, I tighten it up at the end EVERYBODY IN THE POOL! Simmer for 30...
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