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@Mike9 BRING IT MAN!!  wild boar and venison ragu, yeeep, that's a a contender all right   @eastshores copy&paste already done.  Question please? do you brown the meatballs or do they go straight into the pool with everybody else? A nice dark pumpernickel, MMM and it is SOOOO soup season, you've already warmed me to my toes. (and Miss KK, isn't that the best story? can you just picture them all sitting around the table? great story) Now, what else do you have for us...
@teamfat love that beef noodle soup and too I've left have broth/stock in a crockpot for days to cook, and that salmon, YUM! never thought of stuffing it with cream cheese   @Koukouvagia Miss KK your salmon looks so wateringly-moist, that's something that I don't care for about how alot of places here on the mainland cook fish... too death ... ack!  dry and nasty, it's no wonder when I tell people here that we eat fish as often as we can they turn their noses up, "eeeww...
@eastshores HA! NAILED IT, RIGHT?!
@Koukouvagia oh my, be still my heart and taste buds! I've only had those sweet goodies once, while visiting  with friends in Chicago and they are wonderful. I'm with you, I liked the honey and cinnamon. 
@teamfat oh gosh beautiful! 
@chefbuba what a puppy!  ... and howz `bout that dish that was in the pipe, is it done yet?    @eastshores ... but of course! 
  I really like @BettyR's recipe for the perfect yellow cake,  so I tried to incorporate it into a liquor cake  .... UMMM ... well ... it didn't quite fly right. Oh well back to the drawing board I guess.
@butzy I like that pic too!   @ChrisBelgium great looking rabbit dish   @penguinette-de lentils and sausage soup with a homemade bread, a meal fit for a king or queen in this case   @eastshores I love the back story to your Cabbage soup, oh and the soup too, just wanted to reach through the  laptop with my spoon.  What else did you serve besides that exquisite bowl of deliciousness?   @durangojo I give a toast every night at cocktail hour to the beautiful, smart,...
    chicken enchilada 
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