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Good to know guys!So could I use my Food Saver, and crock pot and an inexpensive PID temp controller to join the game?
I meant ask Jarmo, what is dl? also is there a difference between Greek and Turkish yogurt?I've not seen Turkish yogurt in the US before, but yes on Greek. 
@teamfat I can't recall the pork that I used to tell the truth, whether it had been marinaded or not
Hmmm, I can't remember if I shared this OOPS Moment or not   Pork Chili Verde, a dish that most folks `round these parts make alot of,  so I thought I'd give it a go     I brown the meat                                     beautifully browned onions & garlic (what is that Anne Burrell say, brown means flavor)   simmered long and slow for the day   ... but here was my mistake,  jarred salsa verde... WAY TOO SALTY in the end, this dish was inedible,  there...
@flipflopgirl , Mimi are of the grands still with you and the fisherman? maybe you could feed them more sweets?    @MaryB what's a PID temperature controller? 
@MaryB def looking for those!   @NikisCucina wekcome to CT, I think we're all looking forward to seeing some of your dishes, that soup sounds delish! I love lentils.   @dantech ya know, I went window shopping in a 'high end' kitchen store the other day, and what did they have for sale for the home cook? a sous vide all-in-one set up! I didn't dare look at the price    @flipflopgirl heh sistah! howz `bout a slow cooker dessert?
 Miss KK, that my friend is a thing of beauty!and yes, I like the fancy-pants camera shots better, keep `em coming!Isn't slow cooking so worth it?The end results are not only gorgeous but oh so flavorful, wouldn't you agree?Nice job!
I did a copy&paste to my recipe folder on my computer, MMM!!!And Jarmoe, mahalo, thanks for the tip on cooking the rice too!
... so see Gene, it wasn't a failure, it was a success in the end.I know I probably wouldn't have thought of that great save!kudos man, kudos
oh my gosh :sniff: @ordoyou had me rolling on the floor... nailed it ...
New Posts  All Forums: