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oh yeah ...  @French Fries a terrific at home cook @Meezenplaz another Pro @chefbuba braddah man!!! 
HA! mjb! you're so right @teamfat I hope that this month's challenge is one for the ages. What I'd like to know is where are the other 'regular cast of characters? @cheflayne who's is a professional chef in California @Lagom another Pro in Sweden and what about Miss Joey @durangojo I think @petalsandcoco is off on vacay, a well deserved one I'm sure. who else am I forgetting? I'm still waiting for @dcarch with his A~MAZ~ING plating and photography ... 
@GeneMachine how did you serve that stupendous hunk-o-PORK!!! Now that's what I call SLOW COOKING brother! Bravo Bravo! (I wish there was a clapping hands or applause emoticon) @MaryB that is a true comfort dish! I wouldn't have thought of inserting the spring onion along with the garlic clove into the chuck roast, genesis idea, that must have been mighty tasty . What will you make with the leftovers? My mind is racing.   AND ... that final shot ... that's my...
@teamfat thanks for that, I wasn't sure of that acronym   @TrainMeUp I just now noticed that you joined CT back in 2013, so you're not necessarily a newbie then!   @ordo GAME ON!  Let's cook 
oh and what's KSP @TrainMeUp
@TrainMeUp WOW WOW WOW!! man (or is it sister?) that's some melt-in-your-mouth-goodness there my friend!  That looks like a pork belly, right?  I've seen others make their's with a shoulder wrapped by a belly, but then there are so many different ways to do any dish... great job! And you posted that you are a culinary student,  where? what are you focusing on right now?    @teamfat lovely beans on your thread btw   and @MaryB and @MillionsKnives, both good...
@teamfat what happened to our pot of beans, man? I love beans (can't eat them right now, but...), legumes if you will. have you by chance got anything to share with the class? HMMM   
I look forward to your next slow cooked dish  @MillionsKnives  
@Koukouvagia could you PM me that carrot ragu recipe? that would be yummy on whole grain pasta. DH and I are back on our diet, I mean different way of looking at food again, :sigh: 
@MillionsKnives is that shaved bonito and kombu? I've got to learn how to do this, not to mention find the ingredients here in the middle of the desert! can't I use a piece of kombo over and over? I have a box of dried dashi, but meh, not so great
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