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@MillionsKnives Onsen tamago I had to look that one up, I thought I knew it, hot spring egg. Did you make the broth as well?
  Paniolo (Hawaiian Cowboy) Chili what makes it Hawaiian? I use Hawaiian Portuguese Sausage,  minced Chuck and BACON!!!
I found this on America's Test Kitchen website Quote: Slow-Cooker Beef Burgundy From America's Test Kitchen Season 8: Favorite Slow-Cooker Classics WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS: Given the amount of ­simmering time required for classic Beef Burgundy, we thought this stew could be easily morphed into a slow-cooker version that would have the same tender beef chunks and rich, earthy sauce as the original. For a long braise, chuck roast cut into pieces is the best choice. The...
@homecookproject The recipe is America's Test Kitchen's Slow Cooker Beef Burgundy. I love ATM, do you subscribe to Cook's Illustrated or Cook's Country magazine? That is an interesting technique browning only half of the meat. Beef Bourguignon is a personal favorite of mine, I like Ina Garten's recipe for that dish.
@butzy  (sounds like "how to use left overs" would be a good idea for a new challenge). great minds think alike!  that's just what I was thinking for this month's challenge.  I've always got a bit of this and smidgen more of that leftover; when we go out to eat, I never finish my meal, ever, so I bring it home and make something else out of it  ...  but I had slow cooking on the brain, funny though, I still haven't cracked out my crock pot® HA!
@Cooksforfun I make a chunky apple sauce and can them for my Mother.     I like to use Fuji apples, peel `em, core `em,  cut `em into eighths, (I keep a big bowl of water with a half of an orange squeezed in it) throw them all into a big pot with a scant amount of water,  and cook on high heat until they just start to get soft.   I find that cooking them until the completely fall apart,  makes it "creamy", not my preference in apple sauce. I use my handheld...
@Deboo12 is that a Boston Cream Pie? Not sure ... 
@GeneMachine another beautiful dish!  and FINALLY a braised veg... venison is great in a stew, but where's your SO's bread to mop up all that lovely gravy?
@teamfat that pork looks pretty spectacular too, gimme a scoop of rice, maybe some namasu and I'm a happier camper with that plate.   @butzy nothing wrong with taking a little help from the market, those meat pies sound amazing. That Lamb and onion stew with curry, MMM! What type of onions did you use?    @GeneMachine pasta with beef shank ragú, splendid, simply splendid; I've never had pork jowls  before, does that cut of meat require a long braise? what does the...
@teamfat how did you serve this new and tasty meal?
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