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I don't necessarily look at food trends, we eat the things that we like. I kind like that the 'experts' feel that fat will make a come back,  I think that would be great, getting kinda tired of pork with so little fat on it,  AND what ever happened to REAL butter? The stuff on the shelves tastes nothing like it did when I was a kid. That "I can't believe it's not butter" stuff is awful  
I am so very fond of freshly baked breads
@GeneMachine and @penguinette-de I'm so excited!  I don't think that CT has ever had SO's in the Challenge before This is getting GOOD!!!
  Now Mary, I hope that you will also add the photo of that Hot Roast Beef Sandwich as well.  and I think you may be right about that cut of beef that Gene used as what we would call Tri Tip here in the USA. Costco carries nice Tri Tip roasts.
@GeneMachine divine! simply divine, now, was there bread too to mop up that broth? 
NEVER is a nice pork roast pedestrian mimi!(oh and that list of MIA's was mine, I hope to see them here soon  )and HEH! where's dessert!?
@MaryB what can I say? That Hash took my breath away.   (ooh, with a perfectly poached egg on top, now that would put me way over the top, like a mainland-style Loco Moco :drool: ) I am such a sucker for a good plate of Beef or Pork Hash and NOT from the can thank you very much.     DH and I recently went to breakfast at a new 'Mom&Pop' joint in town and I asked if the Corned Beef Hash was fresh hand cut, "oh yes ma'am, everything is fresh here"  NOT!!  It was that...
@ChrisBelgium MMM, chili and rice, one of my all time dishes from back home and another braised vegetable entry, FABULOUS! Funny, no one has done 'Greens' yet...   @flipflopgirl I was just thinking about where your pork got to.   @GeneMachine I for one would love to see that plate all done up with some beautiful breads courtesy of your SO.   @ordo that's some might fine lookin' bird you got there!
mjb, "some more pedestrian dishes" ...  Hmmm, I like to think of them as comfort foods or peasant meals that warm you body and soul. I wonder if that's why you don't see Pot roast or Hash (not from a can thank you very much) or Beef Stew or any of those other unctuous dishes in restaurants any more. And then I wonder too if that's why not many of our resident Pro Chefs aren't throwing their own toques into the arena of the Challenges...
oh yeah ...  @French Fries a terrific at home cook @Meezenplaz another Pro @chefbuba braddah man!!! 
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