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RIGHT?! How many dishes would a goodly sized carcass get ya? I NEVER throw away perfectly good bones and I also have NO SHAME in asking for it when we go to someone else's home and I know darn well that they're not going to do something with it. Wouldn't that be a great charitable contribution to a 'soup kitchen', your spent Turkey or even Ham after a holiday? @teamfat I'd give you mine for your "Fill The Pot"
 Popcorn?I'm intrigued mjb
  OH CRAP! We are leaving for Northern Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with Mr&Mrs DF's and I am to bring the pies. I haven't made Pumpkin Pie in forever... WHAT THE HELL?!     It came out of the oven all pretty and then as it was cooling, it crack. Oh well, I've got some Reddi Wip®
@flipflopgirl is it this guy? He was kinda big on FN back in the day...
In Hawaii, Congee is referred to as Jook. MMM, a nice big bowl of it on a cold, rainy, yucky day,  very comforting indeed.  Loaded with fresh Ginger, sliced Green Onions, Chicken or better yet Turkey. There was a super small Dim Sum Shop next door to where I worked,  they made it only when it rained. I haven't made it in awhile, mainly `cuz I'm the only one who likes it in our house  Can't see makin' a big ole' pot for just me, but then wait... Do you think it...
@flipflopgirl do you mean this guy?
SOOOOOO, I'm still trying to understand what is a "Big" pan? I get the "small" as loaf pans but...
YEP!  Same here, on top of that, they INSISTED that we hadn't paid for our subscription! Yeah, no more mags from them thanks.  I DVR the programs and have a pen and pad ready to write down the recipe, there ya go! (@flipflopgirl see how I did that?  I snipped away some of your quote... )
New Posts  All Forums: