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I went to the Wilton website and the discussion forum suggests that for Red Velvet Cake to use what the recipe calls for. In other words your recipe calls for liquid color and should we try it with the paste, we may be taking away needed moisture  and adding in bitterness from the expensive paste; they recommend to save the paste for decorating in stead. That sounds logical to me.
Ya know @IceMan none of us had a problem with any of this until it came to the absolute end. When the vet told us what the heck was going on with the ME, we just found a way around it, as with the DM. I insisted that NO ONE make a big deal about it around him and be to encouraging and supportive towards him; he just accepted everything in stride. He knew that he had to eat 'his' food (I made special meals for just him) a certain way and then had to be 'burped' to ensure...
Braddah @cheflayne what would think of a fire roasted red pepper sauce, a bit on the spicy side?
@French Fries. Could you share your wife's recipe? I have some dried shiitakes I the pantry I think would be Ono~licious !!
Uh, what type of sauce? DH dislikes bread pudding, but me, I think I could make a small casserole with ........ What?
  or a whole chicken?  maybe add some bread crumbs, stock to moisten... maybe even add some other veg you have on hand to the stuffing mixture?
that a great question, you read my mind. I want to try it with the paste, but how much? This sounds like a job for SUPER SEARCHER!
... and we were right by his side on his final journey ...
 I'm a very petite women (Vito weighed more than I), but when it came to my boy, I WAS HERCULES!I did ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for him, his Vet was amazed that he lived as long as he did, but for my care.stop, I'll start to cry, yet again...
New Posts  All Forums: