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Round two of Gumbo-ish with steamed rice and scallions
  Oh my gravy all over my two scoop rice (that's OMG! in my world) In Hawaii, for Brunch (Breakfast, lunch, which ever) we eat what's leftover from the day before... really, we're not too much on the whole egg thing ... Beef Stew and (steamed) Rice is a BIG THING! My favorite recipe is from the grocery store that I shopped at, but actually, everyone makes it this way. We leave for work SOOOOO early in the morning that lunch is BRUNCH every day! (my lunch hour was...
Hmmm, since Betty has not returned to CT in some time,  I wonder if there is a way to some how "add" to the recipes directions? What do you think @flipflopgirl ?
  Hawaiian Fried Rice made with whatever leftover tidbits in the `fridge... This has some diced Roast Pork, Char Siu, Teri-Chicken, Scrambled Eggs, white Onion,  a shake or two of Furikake, some Shoyu and then topped with sliced Green Onions MMM! Now THAT'S comfort food for me! I make this dish alot for brunch, it has it all in one pan.
 HA! I had to look that up... you nailed that one though @teamfat 
Just as a side note, I made the mistake once and only once in brining chicken that had been "Enhanced with up to 8% solution of water and kosher salt"... OOPS! Now, I'm sure that you have a fresh bird, that has not already been treated in any way 
We just finished our brunch and I sat down at the computer...     The star of the plate: Taylor Ham or PorkRoll pan fried, crisp Toasted English Muffins (store bought) Scrambled Eggs with snipped Chives and sliced Cherry Tomatoes MMM!
http://devouredphoenix.com/   I've been looking forward to this, I've never been. A little pricey, but I think that I'll just go to one event.
@flipflopgirl there have been so many folks that have asked the same question of this recipe,  so I thought that I'd do a little experiment...     I took down my OXO Good Grip Angled 2 cup measuring cup, filled it with Whole Milk (generic store brand) to 1 1/4 cup,  then added to that same measuring cup of milk,  2 Tablespoons plus 1/2 teaspoon of Vegetable Oil (again, generic store brand) this equaled 1 1/3 cup total... what do you think sis?
 Ummm, if I'm in a bubble bath, won't I be in my BIRTHDAY SUIT?!   HA!Hmm, now you've got me thinkin'... would a porron work with sparkling wine, I meanafter all, you are indulging in a BUBBLE bath 
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