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@Hank brother, you had me with those Banana Lumpias, YUM!   @teamfat great job man!
@Lagom what a wonderful way to have supper and I'd bet it was delicious. BTW, what was it that you were introducing?
Aloha No Braddah Nate! Welcome, e komo mai, this is a GREAT place to interact with  Professional as well as us home cook folks. How did you wined up in Maine all the way from Hawaii? I think we'd all like to hear that story. I hope that you'll drop in to CT often, there's not too many Hawaiians.
  MMM Dark Chocolate Brownies filled with Dark Chocolate chunks;  topped with chopped Macadamia Nuts and a Dark  Chocolate drizzle
 ... not to rub it in further Miss KK, but it's been just gorgeous pretty much this whole month... 
@patriciamaui ALOHA SISTAH! I'm so glad to see another keiki o ka aina here at Chef Talk. I wen spock you folks menu, ho, that looks way ono... and great pricing too! I'm certain that you'll be able find any type of advise,  just ask. The Pros are very generous with their knowledge and expertise. I've been a member at CT for just about 5 years now and I've  learned a ton.  My confidence was boasted so much in my own abilities, that I opened an online bakery. You...
That would have been delicious with the pickled veg: carrots, cucumber, daikon and cilantro too!
@Steve TPHC beautiful meal!       smoked b/s chicken thighs glazed with Noh Hawaiian BBQ sauce
      I say that at Costco here in the middle of the desert, I wasn't sure what it was, but I was thinking something like Flank... should excellent for fajitas, tacos too.   oh and @Lanikaigirl ALOHA! WELCOME to CT from your neighbor in Kaneohe! 
Today is our anniversary and I wanted to make a special brunch for us. My hunk-o-husband has been requesting pancakes of late, so, Let me think… hmmm … I have a touch of my homemade Chunky Apple Sauce left, as well my last jar of Blackberry Jam I got the berries when we went to visit with my Mom, who lives in the San Joaquin Valley, “The Food Basket Of The World”.  The BEST produce I have ever had! I made a BIG Chunky Apple Sauce Stuffed Pancake, topped with...
New Posts  All Forums: