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@flipflopgirl please let us know what your siblings think, Mimi btw, any dessert for the 4th?
Really? Wow, thanks MaryB, I'll pick up the copper ones next time, I found those el cheapo metal scrubbers that are similar to a steel wool pad, the ones that don't have the elastic wound in to them
what about a quick pickling with an Asian flare? take a basic namasu recipe, but use only onions
@ordo eggplant is not welcome in my home, but my mother is a huge fan (we had a small garden when I was young and one year my father planted way too much  eggplant, so we ate it in so many different was, for EVERY meal, I grew to dislike it after that) I will be sharing this with her.  At her new home in California, she has found a compadre who also loves eggplant. In fact, she called me last night to tell me about her small dinner party on the patio of eggplant parm...
ordo and Gene, where are your dishes from? maybe everyone could state the country of origin with their posts? that would be most helpful, mahalo, thank you
 uh! that sounds like a nice winter veg, when there's not much in the way of fresh to be had!maybe with the frozen okra and some kielbasa added or even chicken, yummm! 
It's WAY HOT here in Arizona (waiting for the monsoons to start) I like to make up large batches of stuff to keep in the deep freeze, in reserve I made pizza dough, a 5 pound bag of flour gave it's life for, and I cooked tonight's pizza on the gas grill Topping tonight was cremini mushrooms along with the San Marzano crushed tomatoes, garlic and mozz Ice cream sundaes for dessert Hubby, very happy camper tonight
this is what I have been using for the past couple of years, works like a charm       recommended by Cooks Illustrated I buy zinc coated scouring pads at the dollar store and simply change as needed
SOOOOOO ... @flipflopgirl ya wanna share
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