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 Shell steak is strip steak on the bone. 
If I ever worked in a place where they served something that "I would not touch", I would not be working there anymore.  I can't imagine any chef worth their salt that would continue working in a place that either product or preparation methods warranted warning a customer against ordering something.  food or beverage.    As far as being a patron, I can tell a lot about a place by simple observation.  Cleanliness of bathrooms and front of house can be very telling to how...
Chicken Cacciatore, Chicken Picatta, Chicken Marsala, Chicken Scallopini, Chicken Parmesan.  Some of these are normally served with a side of pasta, but that is not mandatory.    I can give you a recipe for any of them if you want.
Citrus!  Such a good choice, I've wanted to get involved with the challenges again, and this is perfect for me.  Living in what used to be the heart of the citrus industry in Florida about ten miles away from the Tropicana plant, I have access to some good stuff.  My wife and I have been gorging on locally grown mandarins that are out of this world. For my first entry though I will go to the lemon.   This dish comes from a restaurant I worked at a long time ago that was...
Not sure yet.  The Health Department thanked me for my information and said they would look into it.  I have not gone back to the place yet and have yet to see a new Health Inspection report on the Health Department page for the place.  When I do, I'll go back and let you know.  I'm sure they are wondering where I am since I went there almost every weekday for a year. 
Depends in what I'm cooking, but usually stainless. Brisket or pulled pork?
I called board of health. I wish them the best. They made some of the best food I've ever eaten, and that is a true statement.
The easy answer is no. By the time the stock, broth, etc is done, The meat and any vegetables have given all they have to give. It wouldn't be unsafe to eat, but it would be nasty. Good compost. And you don't want to use freezer burnt stuff. If you wouldn't eat it as is, you don't want it in your stock.
I learned the secret of the Chuck Eye way later then I wished I had. It is now my "go to" cut for steak.
Thank you everyone for the responses.  It really got through to me that just leaving it be and letting it become someone else's problem is not a responsible way to handle it.  The points made about getting people very ill struck a chord with me.  I am still tossed between talking to owner (I do have a decent level of Spanish) and calling health department.  I have always had good relations with the health inspectors in the area when I was still in the industry.  For the...
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