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 So True!  When I first joined this site, I started a thread about MSG and at the time believed it to be a horrible product and very bad for us.  After reading through the material presented to me from other posters on the site, I came to the conclusion that it is not only not that bad, but does help to create a pretty flavorful dish.  I don't use it all the time, but I no longer avoid it like the plague.
Grilled Wings, Baked Potato, and Ginger ale Carrots   Wings 2lb @ 1.79/lb    $3.58 Stick Butter                $0.67 Valentina Hot Sauce    $1.19 2 Potatoes                  $1.74 Sour Cream                $0.89 !.5lb carrots                 $0.99 1 can ginger ale           $0.59   TOTAL:                       $9.65     Marinated wings in Valentina hot sauce and grilled on med low.  Baked potato rubbed with lard and kosher salt topped with butter and sour...
I watched and enjoyed that documentary very much. It is always been a hobby of mine to make authentic and americanized versions side by side and compare. There are definitely things that make it "Americanized" (read sugar) but harder to agree on authentic
I just did my first shop for the challenge and although I can make $10 or less meals all day, it is harder than I thought to do with a more desirable dish. What about portion amounts? I know you mentioned factoring whole bag of beans if used, but even though I am under for what I am making tonight, for future, i may just make single serving items. It is easier if it is vegetarian dish, but i like meat.
Aside from dishes that require really obscure ingredients that even specialty stores don't carry, I think that it is possible to "hit it out of the park" if enough attention, repetition, and recipe tweaking is involved. I am almost always able to near exact duplicate anything I have eaten. Some take me longer to master than others, but I am very stubborn and cheap. Those two attributes go a long way in recreating an item. I like to eat top quality, but have a fast casual...
This is funny. I had to buy a new fridge and dishwasher, and pay for repair for a leaky roof, so I'm fairly broke right now. This is the perfect challenge theme for me as most of my dishes will be under that this month.
What exactly are they? They look interesting.
A staple recipe in my house. Chicken Gyros. Garlic Herb flatbread with grilled yogurt marinated chicken skewers, lettuce, tomato, onion, and Tzatziki.
My wife is from Minnesota and we are big fans of the juicy lucys. I think I will have to make them soon.
I always loved and often craved a Big Mac. As I got older, it became difficult to eat at McDs without feeling sick for hours after. As Louis CK says "Everytime you eat Mcdonald's as a kid is a success, and as an adult a failure". So I make my own. da da da Da da, I'm lovin it.
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