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I make a modified version of my wife's family recipe. They hail from Grand Rapids, near Deluth. I will probably make it tomorrow.I'm in Florida where even satan asks for some AC. I agree more of a winter dish, but hey, makes my what's for dinner decision way easier.
I think all of the advice above is pretty spot on. I hope it comes out great I know this changes the game entirely, but what are people's thought of doing it with a turkey?
Looks tasty @Jimrya. I am a big fan of a darker roux. Where did everybody go? I was going to bust out the tater tot hot dish for MaryB. The only decision is using pre made tater tots or not. I was planning to make them from scratch, but my wife (who is from MN) says to use store bought. We'll see
Carbonara is not really a dish that holds well. My advice would be do something else. If it has to be Carbonara, I would make a station for it, have your Mis en place proper and you would need same time as omelette station. I would recommend using fresh pasta for best results. You can pre cook dry pasta and shock to reheat on demand, but you lose a lot of the starch on the surface of the pasta.If you are stuck with Chaffer only pasta dish, I would seriously consider not...
Cheesy broccoli is a thing here too and not a casserole, but a cheesy broccoli casserole is as well. the Midwest USA defined the casserole as it exists today, Minnesota hot dish as it's known to many. I married in to this culture. I know their wares, but never ate most of it. I don't have them much, but do enjoy them. I come from suburb of Philly and although I'm not Italian, I lived among enough Italians to be considered honorary status. Lasagna is a thing and it's...
Cheesy Broccoli Casserole is one of the first casseroles that come to mind. I know It was for me anyway. MorningGlory seems to agree I think. Cheesy chicken, broccoli and Rice casserole. I was very happy with it. Deboned, skinned whole chicken and cut to cubes. Tossed with onion and garlic in herbed olive oil for two hours. Sauteed chicken and onion in butter olive oil blend added broccoli at end. Set aside Rice: chicken broth, long grain rice, garlic, turmeric,...
You are killing it this month. I think you can say casseroles are now in your wheelhouse. For sure. I have been away the last couple weeks, but hope to have an entry soon. It will be something good, but you set the bar for real. Kudos.
Thanks! .Your gnocchi paprikash looks very good. Sorry your sauce wasn't as thick as you would have liked. I bet you will nail it next time. Chicken Thigh looks better intact I think, but when braising, it can be difficult to do, so I think it's fine. Did you make the gnocchi from scratch? What was your recipe?
Oh yeah. You betcha. Dontcha know.
I wish I could have added to this thread earlier, but for future: sweet potato gnocchi with bourbon BBQ chicken and pepper. I am going to make this. Thanks.
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