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Yeah @Mike9  You win.  Excuse me while I go hurl  
@Someday  I see your point and mostly agree with you.  Chipotle and Subway both have very customized offerings, but like @chefwriter said they have more of a theme.  I was mostly trying to make the point of chef inspired creations versus customer creation.  Given the rise of more "foodies", more dietary restrictions, and "allergies"   People have become much more involved with what they eat.  Twenty years ago people would just eat what was put in front of them without...
In a lot of ways, I'm with you there. However,. I want my friend to kill it, but it would never be something I would do.
I love spicy Italian.
You never lived until you eat a can of cold Hormel chili in public with an Alpo wrapper taped around the can
Now that is leftovers that are worlds beyond most fresh cooked meals.
That would be ideal for me. Great idea, I hope you get to do it. I agree with the subway and chipotle comparison, but chefwriter is correct that the diversity and quantity of options put it in a new league. It is not exactly 100 toppings any 50 sauces. Slight exaggeration but wanted to make the point. But imagine someone eating an ahi Thai glass noodle salad, next to someone eating a chicken burrito, sitting next to somone with lobster roll, next to Philly cheesesteak, you...
After several years of building up his brand in catering and running a few local mom and pop kitchens for other people, my friend was able to set up his concept and get it up and running a little over two years ago.  He now has two locations.  It is going very well, but he has a business model that goes against the grain of how most places are run. (There are some similar successful chain concepts, but are not nearly as diverse in their offerings) They don't have a menu so...
What about Parmesan cups?  Could either do regular or mini muffin size depending on amount of dip needed. and I think it would go with what you are making.
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