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I agree with Dave Kinogie.  Veil is equal to goose at half the price.  Only problem is you can only get at Total Wine & More.  Bonus- For month of Sept they have a sale on Veil and it comes in many flavors.  I still agree to just buy plain and add flavor though.
It is FlipFlopGirl.   Thanks.  The last time I made it, I had to break up a fight between my wife and mother-in-law over the last ear.  For the record, my wife got to have it.  I do have to live with her
I saw a PBS documentary from the 70s on Thai street food and their version of grilled corn is so good that I almost only eat corn on the cob  this way anymore.  Reduce a can of coconut milk with 1/2 cup brown sugar and tablespoon ground red pepper.  Add cornstarch slurry to thicken and grill husked and cleaned corn on med-high direct heat continuously basting until corn is cooked and thoroughly caramelized.   
It is still in theaters.  I really liked it, and highly recommend it to foodies and non foodies alike.  (Just don't go hungry LOL)  I agree with Tremechef to a point, but who doesn't like a fairytale ending.  It may be way off reality, but it is happy.     Jellly, I made a post about it the other week, but did not label the header appropriately      
It is the fact that they have to deal with the general public and provide salesmanship and customer service is why they make so much more.  You have a bad night on the line and get into a cussing fit, you might get reprimanded depending on how much you go off.  Do that in the front of the house and you don't have a job.  Look at almost any industry,  The worker gets a pittance and the salesman gets the lion's share.  Charisma pays over labor every time.  Sad but true.
I went to see the movie Chef yesterday.  (Two thumbs up! if anyone is curious), but it inspired me to make cubans.  Here is how it went: Started by marinating Pork shoulder in Garlic, Onion, Parsley, Lime, Orange, and Naranja Agria for about 3 hours   Patted dry, rubbed with Tropical Sazon and slow roasted at 300 for 4 hours (very small shoulder) Got my assembly in place (mise en place for you fancy folk ;) ), Got too excited and did not take pic of assembly or...
I totally agree with Brandon that you should get involved with one of the personal chef networking organizations.  They also have recipe and planning software that makes the business side way easier, but like Ed said the biggest thing is to be a people person.  To be a good personal chef, sales and people skills are needed more than cooking skills.  Obviously your cooking chops need to be up to snuff, but to make it, it is all about sales and schmoozing.  To get your...
Back when I was a line cook, I was working saute station with another guy.  It was the end of the night and we were breaking down our station.  I was pulling the sauces from the cold wells and transferring them to a lexan to bring to the walk-in.  Little did I know that my co-worker pulled the cast iron range grates and had them on the floor to be sprayed down.  I grabbed the bin and started for the walk-in not really being able to see the floor clearly with the giant...
There are a lot of things I'm not particularly fond of, but will eat if served  to not offend the chef (or cook).  However, Canned tuna (especially packed in oil) and lutefisk I have trouble even being in the same room with and will never eat. 
Another crazy concept, but it does work (especially in fridge)  Drill a bunch of small holes in a 2 liter plastic bottle.  Fill the bottle with aquarium carbon (make sure holes are smaller than filter carbon bits)  Place in front of fan on high.  Works pretty well.  It works great to remove smells from fridge but obviously you don't need the fan.
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