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I love green pepper too and it is a staple and great in sloppy Joe's . I just switched to the b&b pickle for sweet crunch, but you can also cook with green pepper and top with b&b pickle chips on finished product. Both ways are greatI do have to question Mike9's video. I don't agree with cold pan start. But to each their own I guess
my trick is to sub chopped bread and butter pickles instead of green pepper. I grind a 50/50 brisket sirloin mix. I also use BBQ sauce in addition to ketchup. I like it spicy too, so I lean heavy on hot sauce. Tots are popular side right now but I stick to fries or hand cut chips 2.5lb ground beef mix 1 large sweet onion 1/3 cup chopped bread and butter pickle 2 celery stalks fine chop 1 can diced tomato 12oz beer. (I use IPA) 1/4 cup ketchup 1 tblspn BBQ sauce 1 tblspn...
I second peachcreek. Beets.
Congratulations PeachCreek! This new challenge is definitely out of my comfort zone. I love it. Not a sweets fan and don't have any savory custard dishes that come to mind, but that's half the fun.
Aji Amarillo. A peruvian spice. It would work great. It is kind of like a yellow/amber paprika. It Does pack a little heat though
I had some leftover meat from a couple roast chickens and reserved the carcasses. I decided to make Pozole. Made broth with bones, some meat, onion, garlic, chile Cascabel, Arbol, and Guajillos. Fresh jalepeño and cilantro, bay leaf celery. Strained and added hominy. cooked for a few hours, added leftover chicken. Topped with onion/pepper/oregano mix, cabbage, radish, avocado, chili sauce, jalepeño, and lime.
That looks very interesting and tasty.  However, since Pho is a soup, my mind immediately went to having a cup of Jus on the side to dip the Phorito in.  French dip style.
 Well in the instance kokopuffs is talking about.  I would just add it to the braising liquid, but I do also use it for a roast as a rub.  Worcestershire, olive oil, S & P, minced garlic and sometimes rosemary.  Very tasty crust.
Congratulations @rpooley  Very well done.  Squash gnocchi looked great. 
Fish sauce is great for that.  Amazing flavor.  For roasts I have always used Worcestershire versus Thai Fish Sauce, but they both work and are similar.   You do not need to refrigerate, and it will never really go bad.
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