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I called board of health. I wish them the best. They made some of the best food I've ever eaten, and that is a true statement.
The easy answer is no. By the time the stock, broth, etc is done, The meat and any vegetables have given all they have to give. It wouldn't be unsafe to eat, but it would be nasty. Good compost. And you don't want to use freezer burnt stuff. If you wouldn't eat it as is, you don't want it in your stock.
I learned the secret of the Chuck Eye way later then I wished I had. It is now my "go to" cut for steak.
Thank you everyone for the responses.  It really got through to me that just leaving it be and letting it become someone else's problem is not a responsible way to handle it.  The points made about getting people very ill struck a chord with me.  I am still tossed between talking to owner (I do have a decent level of Spanish) and calling health department.  I have always had good relations with the health inspectors in the area when I was still in the industry.  For the...
Wow!  I would love to eat some of those.  And thanks for the info on the wood ear mushroom.  Did not know that, and I will seek them out for future dishes,  Thanks
So,  There is this Mexican place that I love.  They have some of the best food I have ever tasted and have been in business for a little over a year.  I would literally eat there 3-4 times a week for lunch.  Word caught on and the place became a mob scene with a near constant line out the door.  I have no problem with that and I am happy for them, but there comes unintended negative consequences.   When it first opened, it was family run.  They have a semi-open kitchen...
Standing Rib Roast, fresh horseradish, hasselback gratin potatoes, ginger beer carrots, green bean caserole. Fresh buttermilk biscuits.
[IMG] Hasselback au gratin with fried pork chops and steamed green beans
@gonefishin  I get what you're saying about the KA grinder.  I'll look into getting a better one, but I'm 100% sold on the stuffer.That bratwurst and guanciale look great.  Now I'm craving carbonara
Thanks @gonefishin  Those sites are great.  Just what I was looking for.     @Peachcreek, I have been using my KA grinder for years.  Obviously not as good as a commercial grinder, but it gets the job done.  I make sure all parts and meat are super cold when I start.   @Mike9 That goose sausage recipe looks good, and I was thinking of that Ukrainian Kielbasa for my first go.    @butzy and Mike9  - I was already leaning toward getting the LEM 5, but the two of you...
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