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Persons approximate.
You were made Sous Chef for a reason ....either the older guys couldn't or didn't want to accept the extra responsibility.I think the key to the problem is that you say you become more upset as the bill times get longer........it sounds like these guys need guidance and you getting upset throws them off.Make sure their prep is done and treat all orders leading up to the rush as urgent to keep them at a good pace.Try not to treat it as a gender issue.......if you make it...
You can bread items before service and cook to order but you should batter to order.........some places oil blanch then reheat but the results leave a lot to be desired.
dcarch.........sorry for overreacting,there is so much misunderstanding in the west about China ...... so many people think the skies are black with pollution and that females are aborted or abandoned after birth which was the human rights issue I was talking about.Where I live is one of the wealthiest areas of China and there might even be more females here because they come to earn money to save and to send back to their families.The opposite is true in that almost...
This is the last I'll say on this and for the record I did say Lagom had a valid question.
dcarch..........since you obviously aren't interested in this position I don't understand why you are giving your uninformed and western propaganda views in what is supposed to be a chef's forum.Until today the only other response was from Lagom who asked if speaking Chinese was required which was entirely legitimate from an expat living in Sweden. There are human rights abuses everywhere in the world including the first world country of thirty three million people that I...
Sim Yon Li.......this is a two month old post and through other means we have filled the main position but we could be looking for someone else.Right now we are in Shenzhen and Guangzhou but will be expanding within Guangdong Province......... If you are interested I'd rather do it through personal messaging......please send me a C.V. and any questions you may have. thanks Brad
Read current food magazines and eat in restaurants in your neighbourhood to see what the locals are looking for and then improve on that. Stay away from Food TV. You can't look for passion or creativity, it needs to be inside of you........what are your other interests? It's not like you are working in a small market.....do a little research and order things you've never used before.
No you don't...once you got here it would help to learn some simple phrases,counting,etc.
I'm working with a ten year old and expanding western style restaurant/pub company in southern China and we are looking for a chef or chefs to work closely with the local Chinese chefs to maintain standards and ensure authenticity.It is a great opportunity to gain international experience, advance your career, immerse yourself in a different culture and travel throughout Asia.What we are offering is a good starting salary in a strong currency(Chinese RMB), a modern western...
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