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Meezenplaz...........that would mean that the courts are sexist and racist.
There's no such thing as reverse sexism or reverse racism........just sexism or racism.
Al.........It didn't leave any lasting scars.I worked with him before he opened his restaurant and knew who you were talking about before I saw his name.A lot of guys that worked for that well known successful Italian chef in town do the same thing.When I started a new job there and saw "yellow salt" on the line I always knew they had worked for him or someone that had worked for him.In a region where the people like saltier than average food it worked out well for...
Allan........that place seems like it was a total Fiasco.
I agree with Cheflayne about school.You would have developed a lot of organizational, management and production skills over those ten years and school would be a waste of time and money.With your work history you could probably find a chef willing to help build you up.It would be rough for about six months going from being a production machine to putting out a more refined product.Depending on your circumstances working a couple of seasonal jobs in better places would...
How about lamb hearts with an arrow shaped skewer stuck through the middle?
For your establishment it might be better to have a blackboard special and stop it when the product is done.In certain markets the secret menu for regulars seems to be becoming a trend and I think it might become this coming years equivalent to the pop up restaurant.
If the chef/owner of your current job picked you it sounds like they have confidence in you already and will mentor you and give any advice you need.
That's changing pretty quickly.....there will always be the hole in the wall places but prices are going up and there are lots of people willing to pay for a western experience.If it's in a tourist area the prices will already be close to that level.
What if most people here can agree they're not old or new but middle school.I think I said it earlier but I think it comes down to work ethic and the way you run a business.
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