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It sounds like you are doing well in a short period of time and have learned good managment skills.If you think you need more cooking experience in higher level places then you are at a good age to do that.In my opinion school would not be the best use of your time and money right now.Try to work at the best places that will hire you and try to stage for free at even better places.Travel as much as you can and learn all you can about food everywhere you go.Write or visit...
In a large operation but mostly hotels the demi chef de partie is the position directly under chef de partie.In this situation there is probably an executive sous chef with several sous chefs called junior sous chefs that are directly in charge of an entire kitchen.
There is a small seafood shack beside the ferry terminal in Oban, Scotland that I walked past several times over a rainy three days in November about seven years ago.I was starving and grabbed a crab sandwich on whole wheat bread to eat on the train ride to Glasgow.......one of the biggest regrets of my life is that I didn't get off at the next stop and go back and get another one.
chefboyOG.......I've worked in three provinces and one territory and have worked hours like that for weeks and several times months at a time with no days off.You must be in BC.
Being unwilling to change will make her a dinosaur..........or unemployed.Chefs need to look at the economic reality.
You'll always forget something........if you are in a situation where you can walk through your last kitchen then go everywhere and look at everything.If not then go with a few people including the front of house manager to your suppliers on a slower day and walk up and down every aisle.The salesperson or rep will probably go with you and write everything down and go over it with you later......if not carry notepads and compare later.Make a master list for the next time...
Nathan,I sent you a PM.
You should look into getting an alto shaam.
Persons approximate.
You were made Sous Chef for a reason ....either the older guys couldn't or didn't want to accept the extra responsibility.I think the key to the problem is that you say you become more upset as the bill times get longer........it sounds like these guys need guidance and you getting upset throws them off.Make sure their prep is done and treat all orders leading up to the rush as urgent to keep them at a good pace.Try not to treat it as a gender issue.......if you make it...
New Posts  All Forums: