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What about taking the 12 week course at Ballymaloe or somewhere like that...........is that feasable or affordable for you?Would the completion of that give you the qualifications you're looking for? 
Since you have PEI in your name I'm assuming you are in Prince Edward Island.It's a chef's paradise there for about seven months of the year but the winter could be a bit rough.You'll probably make lots of connections in the spring but for now I'd suggest talking to someone at the Culinary Institute of Canada in Charlottetown.I'm sure they'd be happy to help you get in touch with local suppliers....... if you're in PEI that is. 
I agree with cheflayne.....you have the job so do it to the best of your abilities.What I suggest is getting everything you can out of this experience and seriously plan your next move because that could be the real start to your learning.Out of curiosity I'm wondering if this is your second or third career.
Yeah that's a pretty big market.........I said small town because it seemed like there weren't many qualified people around.I think this early in your career you are doing yourself a disservice by taking a head chef job.You should be learning the basics right now instead of taking on way too much responsibility.Even if you do well this time if you walk into another head chef job in the future it might not go so well.At this point you are already commited and need to start...
Is this in a very small town......I originally thought Peter Principal but you don't even have enough experience to qualify for that.
You are putting 219 000 pieces of toast through a year..........spending $3000 is nothing in the scheme of things......might even save you money if you have someone putting toast through 4 times.What if you raised your prices by a nickel to cover it.Would you be able to squeeze through a few more covers if you could shave a couple of minutes off each table?
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Hi funnychef That's an old post.........there is nothing right now.Just a bit of advice though,when asking about a job opportunity never ask about money first.The topic always needs to be discussed but most,if not all,employers will not even consider someone if that's the first question.It would be best to mention a bit about past experience, interests, career objectives,etc. and then ask a few questions about the company such as type of business, location of job and...
With that experience you would get a job as a steward.....go on the companies sites and see what the wage is for that position.You would usually need to have safety courses before they'd even look at you.....see what's availiable in your area.
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