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With that experience you would get a job as a steward.....go on the companies sites and see what the wage is for that position.You would usually need to have safety courses before they'd even look at you.....see what's availiable in your area.
Any professional cook, which you are, can post in the professional chef forum.......they don't like when home cooks post because they have a completely different focus.
Does the contact in Germany involve a job?If it does it's an opportunity you probably shouldn't pass up.The food culture there is so much better and you'd learn a lot even on your off time.If in a year or two you decide to go to university then you have gained valuable life experience and will be much further ahead than most of the other kids who went from their parents house to school.If you decide cooking is the path you want to take then you also will be way ahead of...
Your time in school should count as 2000 hours which will let you write your first block....ask your chef or contact the apprenticeship department.
Leaving on the best terms possible is always the way to go and being out of the kitchen for a year will affect you when you start looking again so doing them a favour now could pay off later when a reference call comes.You might even end up back there with a higher salary if the new chef goes back to Alaska.
3rd career change and you're only 26.......you need to decide what you want and stick with it.Stop being so hard on yourself and dwelling on every little thing.Lots of places don't even have recipes as detailed as the tzatziki one you're talking about.Ask questions without being annoying or better yet watch everything so you know how the peppers or tomatoes are cut when you're asked to do it.In the beginning it's difficult when everyone around you knows more than you do...
It might dictate the rest of your life.........there are so many possibilities for you.....good luck Matt.
Matt........your post is slightly confusing as you said you would need to commute two hours to school and continue to work in your town or city during the four years but then said you were prepared to move to Colorado or Europe.It made it seem like you had a family keeping you where you are.If you have the ability to move around in my opinion that would be much better than any cooking school.I think experience is always better than school and even if you're staging or...
Meezenplaz...........that would mean that the courts are sexist and racist.
There's no such thing as reverse sexism or reverse racism........just sexism or racism.
New Posts  All Forums: