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Although I am not of senior status yet....I almost always try and bring home 1/3 of my meal because portions are ridiculous. However, the prices are just as ridiculous. Nearly every pasta plate in the midwest in $12-17 at a decent restaurant, yet I can make my own pasta for far far less. I can see nice cuts of protein being expensive, but most things in the restaurant biz are way too pricey. Not to mention the pretty much standard ~20% tip that comes with a meal. For...
Sidenote: my girlfriend is a personal chef and was complaining that her water wasn't heating up fast enough one I've been doing some research ever since.    
Thanks for the welcome :)    I can see I've been a little vague in my discussion....sorry. Although I am familiar with induction burners and understand they have the ability to heat very quickly, I really want to know if everyday chefs/cooks see value in speeding up that time even more? If a few extra minutes difference doesn't mean much than I probably won't pursue this gizmo i've been planning to make.   I know I sound a little crazy haha, but I've been getting...
Greetings culinary colleagues,   I am relatively new to cooking (fresh out of college) and am always thinking of ways to improve efficiency. I am thinking about engineering this cookware that heats water at a very fast rate, but I guess I want to know if there is interest in a product like this? In short I want to know if professionals and even at-home cooks would find value in bringing a full 5 qt pot to a boil within a minute?   Thanks for any input!
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