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Hi, John. Congratulations on your son's graduation. Have heard Kellogg is a fine school. You have caught me a little flat-footed as I am traveling, but there are several recipes for whole fish (as well as a whole page with specific how-tos) in my book "Planet Barbecue." My preferred method for grilling larger whole fish is indirect using medium heat: if using a charcoal grill, rake the coals into opposite piles and put the fish on the grill grate in the middle of them....
Cher Petals,   Un grand merci!   And to Nicko, again, thank you to you and your moderators for the opportunity to participate in this forum. I enjoyed it immensely.  Warmly,   Steven
Have never owned a Klose smoker, but of course, the man is legendary. And tending the fire is part of the feeling of accomplishment, no?
Thanks! I'll have to try smoking salt again sometime.  
Thanks for the clarification, Lbartosh. A kitchen tool I don't own!
Smokefill, am pleased you're here because of my Facebook post. I have been very impressed with this forum, and am sure you'll have much to contribute to the discussion.
Dan, can't imagine a better salute than a "tip of the tongs"! Thank you so much. I honestly didn't know what to expect here, but feel I was the major beneficiary at the end of 4 days. What a great forum ChefTalk is!
Interesting! Haven't heard of this site or product before.
@ Leeniak: Pretty tough to compete with the events you described. (You must be so happy for your son. Can't imagine what you've been through.) If you have any questions, you can e-mail me through my website (, or through my assistant, Nancy Loseke. (  Am traveling so much in the next few weeks--in and out of e-mail touch--and going through her is the easiest route.  Please identify yourself as a ChefTalk member in your e-mail and...
Great, Phatch! I thought perhaps my "key" to ChefTalk was a temporary issue... Thanks for your input. You personally added a lot to the discussion.   Best,   Steven
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