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Tonite, its pasta ( Penne ) and burritos & a mixture of halal merguez sausages(all veal), ground beef & ground lamb, with @ glass of red wine, for me its @ feast PS Mind blowing mexican salsa :lips:
So many, Ill never forget Graham Kerr, and many french Jean Soulard, Josée Di Stasio, all great people
Thanks again Jfield, really amazing Im eating the same tonite, but with a glass of red wine with it, this is a treat Gilles
Hi Jfield, I tried your tips last nite, it was awesome, I added one cup of water and one tablespon of butter, gosh fantastic sauce indeed :lips: Thanks again for your information, thats the way Ill do it from now on
This morning ( yes I eat very late( or early etcc ( 10 pm too 2 am )), I just had a great BBQ, nummers for me, @ plain hamburger steak ( 1 kilo ( 2 lbs )) with caramelized onions( lots of them ( made in @ papilootte )) & home made fries ( made in the oven ) & gravy :lips: PS: Im just so happy the BBQ season is now back here in Montréal, hope all of you great people here, have that great chance
Thanks again Jfield, I ll be trying this either tonite or during the weekend, with merguez sausages, Im sure it will be amazing Gilles
Thank you Jfield , I will try this in my next recipe
Heres information in plain english from - Canadian News Sports Entertainment Kids Docs Radio TV to help everyone on any operating system for tonites worm Conficker :( FAQ: Conficker worm PS: In 1 hour your can protect yourself adequately Be prepared is better than be sorry :(
Thank you, so true Deltadoc, you did well too remind me, & if people are so afraid, just plainly unblug your computer tonite, & all will be well Thank you again for replying too this post
Its not a prank, its tonite, just update your antivirus & have a firewall, a free one which is excellent is: Comodo Free Firewall Antivirus Software Download by Comodo Security experts eye worm attack By Maggie Shiels Technology reporter, BBC News, Silicon Valley Clock, BBC Industry experts are staying calm as the Conficker deadline approaches Security experts are downplaying the potential impact of a virus which some believe is set to strike on 1...
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