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Nobody lives/works in the DC/Atlanta/Charleston/VA areas? Any fine-dining restaurant suggestions would be appreciated. I know nothing about where is good over here outside of the biggest name places(jose andreas, sean brock, hugh acheson) and what's in NYC.
The crazy thing is; I know for a fact there are some really great restaurants in the Raleigh/Chapel Hill/Durham areas. I know because I'm currently looking into it. Yet here he is whining about being stuck at a shitty restaurant and having to pay the bills like there are no better alternatives out there.
Hey guys. So I just moved to the Virginia Beach area after living/working in Seattle my whole life. I don't know much about the restaurants here on the east coast(other than NYC). I was wondering if you guys could suggest some great places I could stage/work at. I'm willing to relocate a few hours in any direction. Wa D.C, Raleigh, Richmond, Atlanta, Charleston are a few of the places I'm considering moving to. Finding a great restaurant closer to VA beach would be nice...
I haven't read the whole thread and I'm sure it's already been said but...     There are just as many shitty/poorly run restaurants in the UK(and every other country), it's pretty ignorant of you to claim this as some American phenomenon. If you want to avoid working at places like this, I suggest you employ a more scrupulous process when selecting where you want to work. There is a reason we agree to stage at restaurants before accepting a job. It's just as much for...
I look at the cake tester as a second opinion. He should still be touching them and when he feels they're ready, give 'em a poke. Then, eventually when he realizes he's dead on every time anyway, he can drop the tester. When learning it's better safe than sorry, especially with expensive cuts.
YouTube search "Jacques pepin omelette". Thank me later.
I don't understand how a cake tester could possibly ever be "confusing". This should be his best friend right now. I'd try and get him to wrap his head around that one.
Surprised at how archaic/irrelevant some of these cooking tests are. In my experience most good/modern restaurants either give you a protein and open access to the walk-in's/pantry and ask you to create a dish or give you a box full of ingredients and ask you to make something. I can't see how this isn't the best cooking test you could implement.       Also, that written test... wow. I'm not even gonna comment on that...
Cigarettes, red bull/coffee, buying cookbooks, NFL, eating food(on my days off of course), working/adrenaline. That's it, really.   I'm lucky to have quit the drugs/drinking early in my career(4 years ago at 25) which unsurprisingly, is when my "career" really began.
 What's the commute time like? Do the trains run all night long? How much does it cost to ride the train? What part of Connecticut are you in and what is the cost of living like there? This is intriguing to me as I'm planning on moving to NYC in the next few months. Might be an option worth looking into.
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