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Since I have a bucket of cocoa butter in the cupboard I have to ask what would be the best way way to store it?
The obvious difference is that one is for herbs the other for spices. In French a sachet is a small bag. In this case, the little bag would be filled with spices. Why put them in a bag? Obviously you do not want to try and fish out a few cloves or all spice bays. By putting your spices in a bag you’ll be able to easily removing them from your pot. The same idea behind the bouquet garni, held together the herbs will be easier to fish out. Traditionally the herbs...
Whenever I buy too many scallions, I always end up making Pan Broiled Salmon with Scallions a Japanese recipe. If you want to go Chinese try Pan Fried Scallion Chive Bread.
For a few years I stopped making Chinese at home, I had decided to explore other culinary horizons. But you always get back to your first love. At Jock’s I borrowed China Moon by Barbara Tropp. I enjoyed it so much I ended up buying it. I’d say it’s my favourite Chinese cookbook. Close second is Land of Plenty by Fuschia Dunlop, on Sichuan cooking. It’s writing by a Brit who while in China to study literature I think gave it all up to learn Sichuan cooking. ...
Anyne seen the new yellow Gourmet? Weird idea to use yellow ink for all the recipe titles,it's hard to read. I'm not sure what to think of this book, on one hand I think this should be the best of sixty years of Gourmet, one the other I am turned off by the tone of the text and I can't explain what I mean by that, the words aren't coming to me tonight. It was reviewd in the LA Times last week:The age of indulgence gets its own Gourmet
I'm with Kyle, Splendid Soup is the best.
Thank you guys for the warm welcome, you have no idea how much I have miss being on Chef Talk. Reading all your nice messages I had tears in my eyes. It has been hard but my mom needed me and I was glad I could be there for her. Unfortunately it took its toll on me. The worst was in December just before Christmas I ended up in the hospital with some weird infection no one could pin point. I spend the holidays drinking cranberry juice and eating pineapple. ...
As if food can’t be attractive on its own. It makes me sad to think that now we’ll also have to worry about the use of chemicals food make-up.
The force-feeding of goose can be trace back to the Roman Empire. The geese were force-fed with figs. Once fat enough the goose was killed, the liver harvested and soaked in milk perfume with honey for a few hours. This would not only perfume the liver but enlarge it even more. Today foie gras is made from goose or duck liver and corn is the grain of choice for force-feeding. The average liver weights between 700 and 900 grams for the goose and 300 to 400 grams for...
I just finished dinner, a big bowl of pho, what a coincidence. The secret of the pho is in the stock. You have to make it from scratch in so the spices can infuse the stock, so forget canned or powdered stock. In the two books I check they use ox tail, knuckle bones or beef chuck.
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