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Thanks Chef :)
 BTW I'll be applying for a vegetarian apprenticeship program located on Tassjara.
 Hello Culinary World,  I'm planning on travelling across borders to visit California's Tassajara Mountains. My consciousness will not let go of the idea of carrying a chef's knife onboard an airline. Is it best to leave ol' sharpy at home? :oP My intitial fear is the airline will percieve the chef knife as a weapon. Thanks!
 Have you watched the last season of Master Chef? Do you remember the guy in the pumpkin hat? Lastly do you remember what he served to Chef Ramsay in the auditions? His name is Ben Starr, he likes to immitate Julia child, while making fish tacos with crispy fried pumpkin. I sent ol Ben an email asking him whether he'd spill the beans on the recipe-y'know the crispy fried pumpkin being vegetarian in all. No response. I think about making these when pumpkin's come to mind....
lolol no coconut syrup sold here. Now I'm getting inspired...but the maple syrup might get lonely :o( lol
 There is no recipe I use from Gisslen's book because most of the time some ingredients might require scaling (The book is aimed for commercial kitchens). I merely experiment with the 'professional techniques' he talk's about in the first bread chapter. It's interesting the current discussion has evolved into a question of whether professional techniques produce a excellent result for home bakers.   @ Rob W: Thank you kindly. I was unable to find this type of video on...
 Wonderful advice! I'm definately going on the prowl for Reinhart's book now. The shere mention of baking formula's brings back a memory working in a Boston Pizza not too long ago. The step-father of a supervisor was hired for part-time as a line cook, formerly a baker from another chain restaurant, he was able to foretell the 'turn out' of the dough. "Proof a tbs of yeast by stirring it into a pint (2 cups) of baby-bottle warm water with a tbs of sugar, and let it...
Prepared this recipe for my father, he's going back on night shifts tonight, so it was a nice treat for a 'lazy' Sunday.
 Hello Chef Talk Community,  It's me coconut with another question this time concerning the ancient art of bread baking. A week ago I was gung ho ready to make home made bread for sandwiches and french toast for brunch. I found it quite disapointing when the dough doesn't rise, I figure it might be the yeast I'm using (bottled instant yeast) or the cause and effect of over kneading it. I'm used to preparing pizza doughs, focaccia, you know the flat stuff....
My apologies Foodnfoto,  I was a tad confused for a moment. I will definately keep you in mind as for wehn I have questions about farmers market.
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