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Mr. Raichlen,   Thanks for taking time to answer our questions.        I have been eager to smoke my own meats, particularly pork belly to make bacon.   However, I only have a kettle style charcoal grill and a 3 burner (front to back configuration) gas grill.  Is there any way to use either of these to smoke meats at a reliable low temperature, or should I bit the bullet (all puns intended) and purchase a third box?   Thank you.
I make an eggless (Philadelphia style) vanilla that is pretty well received.  It's not as rich as a custard, or French style, but it is very tasty.   I use: 500 ml heavy cream 250 ml whole milk 100g granulated sugar a heavy pinch of salt 1 vanilla bean (I've only used Madagascar vanilla, but I hope to get my hands on some Mexican beans soon) 3/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract.   Cut the vanilla bean in half lengthwise and scrape out the pulp/seeds. In...
Have you considered doing Beef Wellington?  
I have a question for Mr. Raichlen. Hopefully this is the proper thread in which to ask it.   I have 2 grills, a Weber Spirit gas grill and a 18.5" one-touch charcoal grill.  I'd like to get in to smoking, mainly for charcuterie applications, but also just to smoke big ol' hunks of meat.     Is there any way to adapt either of the 2 grills I have to be a useful smoker?  Obviously heat control is going to be better in the gas box, but I suspect I'd get better...
Hello.   I'm new to the site and am just introducing myself.  I'm a full time IT manager who'd rather be in the kitchen.  My culinary skills are limited, but I am always working to expand them.  Grilling, baking and making things from scratch are my top 3 I suppose.  By "from scratch" I mean getting to the root of a dish.  My next project is probably going to be making my own butter, from which I will make my own butterscotch, from which I will make ice cream.
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