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My suggestion to you is to go to the school and talk to the students. They are your best source for information. See if you can get a phone number of a recent graduate...
How much did you make if it was nowhere near 25?
I live in South Florida, and the restaurant I work at line cooks make on average 25,000/YR working 40 hours a week.
I agree with youthat you will shine no matter which school you've graduated from if you are passionate about the craft. It's just that all I see is LCB bashing. Like any other school, it has it's good and bad points. But it just seems that on this forum, all people do is make LCB look like a total rip off, which they aren't.
I really don't understand why everyone has to bash LCB so much. Most large institutions, universities, etc cost 30-40 thousand dollars or more to attend. I understand LCB here in the states is something new, but they are partnered with LCB Paris, so give it some credit. The school down here in Miami has gorgeous facilities and great cheff instructors. The students love the school, and enjoy being there. Attending such programs isn't for everyone, but don't make it...
They are run the same way because all follow the same curiculum. It's a Le Cordon Bleu diploma you get, so it's structured a certain way. As for the money, Le Cordon Bleu isn't the highest. Check out Johnson & Wales, CIA, etc and see how much they are.
Well I didn't tell them that I disliked my previous profession, I told them it wasn't fulfilling. I went to many restaurants, this was the last one I went to, and they hired me on the spot!
I'm starting Le Cordon Bleu in July, and I mentioned it when I went to apply for jobs. I got part time prep cook at 8 dollars an hour with no previous experience. I was in sales, doing a career change. You were a scientist??
got off work at 4 pm, got a call at 6 pm.
Just worked my first day today, went very good I thought. Two hours after I got home the restaurant called me back asking me if I coulf come back in do dishes since one of their dishwashers called in sick. I work tomorrow at 8 am, was it wrong of me to tell them I couldn't make it in? Think it will affect my employment with them?
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