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If you ask me, there's no perfect tomato press/juicer/deseeder.
"...peel and into the food mill."   Mike 9, what sort of food mill do you use for your toms?  The kind you attach to the counter, they're usually plastic, and it has a handle like a meat grinder - they are called a European Tomato Press;  or the horizontal "rotary" type?  I have one of those, it looks like...
Yes, I know.  Chickens, at least during their laying periods,  are not low-protein animals like cows, who can do fine on grass or hay thanx to their 4 stomachs.   Sometimes my hens leap on eggs like it's children with ice cream, and other times they don't get too excited.   My hens are pretty old, laying for their 4th year, and still look pretty good.  Thanks for your information in any case!
Sauteed escarole with garlic & Hungarian red peppers (everything from the garden) & an egg sandwich on white bread.  Eggs from our chickens.  Too much mayo; choked it down & fed the leftovers back to the chickens.  Yes, chickens LOVE eggs. 
I love that device, Kuan!!  Is that a person cackling in the background or what...  Anyway, I should think it would take some getting used to.  I sense that some skill is needed.
You know - to repair & sharpen it to the Nth degree.
Me, I'd take it to a maker of samurai swords.
Hope you will soon be able to have all the utensils and supplies you need, Lemon Shelly.  Moving into a new place is a pain sometimes, isn't it.   About stirring, I can't answer your question as regards BettyR's yellow cake recipe with its requirement for an "electric mixer",  but I can tell you this: I've made dozens of dishes where the instructions tell you you need some kind of electric mechanized equipment for stirring/kneading, etc., none which I own.  I use a whisk...
Interesting observation on your part about using "expensive" cheese.  The recipe I used stresses the importance of using the best cheese you can and don't use "cheap" cheese! 
Lots o' fun reading this!  Nice photos, too.  I don't have a digital camera, but I am sure you know what this looks like:   Moi, I made good ol' baked Macaroni & Cheese using Fanny Farmer's recipe where you really cook the sauce for a long time.  My first try.  The family wolfed it down. 
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