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I make a Japanese fusion style version by adding sake, yuzu, freshly grated wasabi and shichimi (Japanese 7 spice mix) along with the typical ingredients (salt, sugar, dill, fresh cracked black pepper and fresh lemon juice).
A restaurant's house salad will depend on a number of factors:   1. Restaurant type: - Depending on the type of restaurant it is, a house salad can be a simple side salad type with a common dressing or a complex composed salad with a more exotic dressing.   2. Clientele: - Know who you are serving and what they prefer.  Maybe your customers think anything outside of an iceberg with tomato and cukes is exotic.   3. Cost: - Menu cost will determine food...
I've used and owned Global and Shun in the past.  While they are both decent brands, for me I've settled on the Misono UX-10 for my general all purpose chef's knife for the past 7 years and have no desire to change to another knife.  While the Misono is a bit more expensive, the balance, ease of maintenance and sharpness exceeds any other chef's knife I've tried.   For a beginning chef/cook on a limited budget, Global is hard to beat though and it's a good knife to...
Cooking... yes. Baking... no.
Tons you can do with the chicken, kale and sweet potato.   You could make southern fried chicken with slow braised kale (onion, garlic, jalapeño, ham and bacon) similar to braised collard greens and then make either a mashed sweet potato or even sweet potato fries served with a little cinnamon butter.   Or you pan sear and roast the chicken, sauté the kale with garlic and shallots and make a sweet potato puree.   Or you could make a chicken and kale stew and...
The worst part about being a chef is not being able to spend enough time with your family, friends and loved ones due to the work schedule and hours.   Everything else is fine with me because it's something I enjoy doing.  Sure there are pet peeves about the job, but I believe every working person no matter how much they love their job, also has things that irritate them.
I've tried all sorts of kitchen shoes and the ones that I kept coming back to over and over and the ones I prefer to this day are Dansko Karl for a heelless solution and the Professional for a heeled version.   Comfortable, supportive and non-slip, it allows me to stand up all day long with minimal fatigue.
I cook a lot at home as well but the food I cook at home is more simple and not too much different from most home enthusiast cooks.   For knives, even as a chef, the basic requirement is a 8" or 10" chef's knife, a slicer and/or sashimi knife, a serrated knife and a paring knife as well as a kitchen steel and sharpening stone.   Other than knives, things that I like to have around and some are essential while others are "luxury" items.  It really depends on your...
Just ask your fish purveyor to bring you some on the next delivery.  Otherwise, you can go to the fish market and buy some from any of the vendors.
Unless you're using iced water to purposely leach out the spiciness or the color from red onions, onions should not be stored in water overnight.  Even when using the technique to as described above, it's done fairly quickly.  A lot of times, I'll take paper thin shavings of red onion and put them in an ice bath for a short period to use for garnish or in salads.  Otherwise, storing them in water is never a good idea.
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