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Nicely done Bossman
Guts- are you salary?
You do not use the the phone app on the PC... you can manage your account in either place. But I see where you are coming from. I have not bought Mastercook yet, at this point I have The Living Cookbook and it works, however I do not love it. I will probably pick up Mastercook in a couple weeks as I have spent my allotment of funds for this pay period on books and test recipe ingredients.    I guess I am just looking for a streamlined way to develop the menu, create...
So I found a pretty cool web application based here is Seattle. Big Oven seems to have what I am looking for from what I have seen of it. It has a web app, and mobile apps for both android and apple. I have not downloaded it to my driod yet though.     What do you guys think? 
So do you use Personal Chef Office at all?  
I am currently in the beginning stages of setting up a part time personal chef business that will hopefully grow into something bigger. I am currently looking for an app that similar to Mastercook or Living cookbook. Something that will hold my recipes and allow me to build a menu for each cooking date and a cookbook for each client that is editable. Would be great if it had the features to create a shopping list based on the menu also.   Anyone have any suggestions?
The other night I was planning to make cod pockets with glazed carrots and sugar snap peas glazed with lime butter and brown sugar but my mother-in-law took out chicken instead [don't ask about why she is here] It kinda through me off for a minute but as I was breaking down the chicken I decided to cook up some quinoa in chicken stock I had in the freezer. After cooking the chicken in the veg and mixed it all up. Was pretty good for a last minute dinner.    Mix it...
I like the idea of  the ghost chili. I like that when you use these really hot chili products you can add heat without really effecting the flavor much. And that sounds like what the OP was looking for.
OK, in say an onion that is 3-4 inches in diameter... how many horizontal slices are needed to get the pieces to fall apart, 1 or 2?... I am asking for generality rather than hard and fast answers here. I have seen people do it 1/4 to 3/8 inch and I have seen people do just one. I have even seen people do on but on an angle towards the root end.  
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