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Olive oil (sorry, I hate the old EVOO thing) has a very low flash point. What you have - the canola oil is fine for recipes and deep frying. The refined or unrefined doesn't make a big difference.
You could cook up a 'fattie' Of course replace the packaged bacon with your slab sliced.
This is a quite large cut of meat. If it takes 6 hours plus I wouldn't be surprised. I always cook mine with a good bit of liquid. I would smoke/grill if I had a whole day or put it in my slow cooker (All Clad, big enough to do this cut) and let it do it's thing all day.
Yummo!, EVOO. yuck
Steven Raichlien's facebook post lead me to this site and an opportunity to engage with some very experienced food folks and maybe offer advice to those not so experienced.. I am an acomplished home cook and I love all aspects of cooking, baking, canning, grilling etc. I enjoy making American standards as well as Ethnic cooking of all kinds. I have been cooking for 30+ years with a mom who was an excellent cook and started me off very young. If I could cook for a...
Thank you so much for sitting in and answering our questions. This site is a new find for me and I thank you for posting your link on facebook. I am an avid griller/smoker and home cook. As an idea for a future offer on your shopping site - would you consider finding a grill set for women or people with smaller hands than the average man? I was given an beautiful tool set as a gift that I know wasn't cheap. Mahogany wood, really nice metal parts - but the handles...
I agree with removing it. I used to not think so but really, it makes all the difference. Yes, it's kind of a pain, but you make your own technique using paper towels and sharp knives.  Some are easier to peel than others. Not sure why.
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