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Ok, so I already commented on this when I first discovered it and LOVED it after I made it as a cake.  Yesterday I made cupcakes with this recipe, and they baked beautifully.  My sister said it was the BEST cupcake she ever had!  I just made a traditional vanilla buttercream, and it was delicious!  This cake melts in your mouth.  As a baker, the best compliment I can get when I make a cake is when someone says, "This is so moist" and I heard that a lot yesterday!  THIS...
Diana...that is exactly how I felt!!!  I searched and searched for the perfect recipe.  I totally agree with you, so I just had to say how right you are!! 
I found this recipe while searching online ONCE AGAIN for a yellow cake recipe.  I can't tell you how many yellow cakes I have made only to be disappointed over and over.  I just could NOT get the texture that I wanted..they were too dry, too crumbly, tasted too much like pancakes, too dense...name it!  I had to join to tell you how much I loved this recipe. I made this today for my brother's birthday.  The cake was delicous!!  Finally I have found a great, moist yellow...
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