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This post may be a little late, but if you still need a tip...  Try using non silicone parchment. Pipe the cookies on the counter on the parchment. Then carefully transfer onto your sheet pan with a little water in the pan.  I let my recipe sit for at least 30 minutes or more and then bake.  The steam gives the cookie a amazing texture, a little crispy a little chewy.  The non silicone parchment may prevent the "Big Feet."  
OK. i will try to heat only to thin it out enough to brush on.  I don't want to add any color though. a clear glaze would be ideal... :) thanks for your thoughts  
Hi! This is my first post, but read this forum all the time and love the help from all of you! I am increasing my production of fresh fruit tarts at my bakery and normally glaze the fruit with apple or apricot jelly (heated a little and sometimes thinned down) and a pastry brush.  This method is fine as long as they sell that same day, but if not, the glaze is basically gone by the end of the day and the fruit looks terrible.  I need some advice.   What kind of...
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